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Securing Success: Introducing Alpha Zone’s High-Theft Solution at Blain’s Farm and Fleet

Introducing Alpha Zone Checkpoint’s Alpha High-Theft Solution’s new product locationing [...]

2024-04-09T15:52:52+02:0004/09/2024|Customer Stories, Loss Prevention|

Checkpoint Systems RFID to overhaul fast-food dining operations in France with roll-out of reusable tableware RFID Technology

Mcdonald's France relies on our RFID technology expertise to drive [...]

2023-07-04T13:03:24+02:0007/04/2023|Customer Stories|

Stockmann relies on Checkpoint’s leading anti-theft solutions to protect their department store in Estonia

Checkpoint Systems is proud to support Stockmann, Finnish retailer founded [...]

2023-03-24T17:19:32+01:0003/24/2023|Customer Stories|