Let Checkpoint add the finishing touches!

Checkpoint Apparel Labeling Solutions (ALS) are a global branding and labeling partner for apparel retailers, brand owners, and manufacturers. We’re with you from the creative concept stage to the finished garment.

Your partnership with us goes beyond the customer garment experience. Intelligent RFID labels make global logistics and supply chains easy to manage, too. The possibilities are endless!

A full package solution

A globally consistent branding solution; one brand image required across multiple production locations, multiple product types but in a single retail environment. Our global production facilities with local support are close to the needlepoint. Wholly owned locations with full trim package capabilities.

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How can Checkpoint Apparel Labeling Solutions help your brand?

Consistent quality

Keep your branding precise across different materials and 18 global production sites by relying on our meticulous processes and highly skilled colleagues. No matter where you’re making your components in, your brand is in safe hands.

Making your life easier

You come up with the big ideas, and we’ll help you make them happen. Checkpoint ALS is equipped to support you at every step of the way, with multiple product types and innovative ways to make day-to-day branding and retail a breeze.

Anything is possible!

We’ve been helping brands label their apparel for decades. We’ve got the equipment, resources, and know-how to help you achieve any aspiration. Tell us what you need, and the goals you're trying to achieve, and let us do the rest — we love a challenge!

RFID intelligent labels designed, manufactured and delivered

Incorporating intelligent labels into your product portfolio has never been easier and means they start their journey ready to provide detailed, smart information straight away, giving full visibility throughout the supply chain and beyond.

Checkpoint's pioneering experience tagging items at source with RF labels has given us plenty of learnings on how to provide the ultimate source tagging programme for our RFID labels and tags, ready to expertly apply to your garments from our global network of printshops and production facilities.

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