Dual Technology RFID

Maximizing the potential of your investment

We are constantly striving to improve our label designs to deliver maximum performance capabilities and benefits for retailers.

Brands and retailers across the world invest heavily in their technologies and infrastructure, which is why it’s vital that they generate the most ROI from any investment.

Enter our dual technology RFID labels – working twice as hard to save you time and money.

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Why dual frequency?

By applying RFID labels that also contain another technology, brands are able to generate extra return on the investment they have made in their labeling and capitalize on the benefits these complementary technologies offer.

Brands looking to embrace dual technology RFID labels and realize the benefits on offer currently have two options;

UNO label combines all the benefits of EAS protection and RAIN RFID in one. Delivering an integrated solution to provide loss prevention capabilities with accurate inventory management.

Integrating NFC and RAIN RFID technologies in one label, DUÉ combines consumer engagement possibilities with inventory management accuracy in one solution.

Applications for Dual Frequency Labels

One tag = multiple cost savings
Greater on-shelf availability & sales opportunities
Tag @source for supply chain visibility
Greater customer engagement

Unlock the full potential of your RFID investment with dual technology labels

Retailers already invested in RFID, or on the RFID adoption journey, can continue take full advantage of the usual benefits that RFID brings with increased inventory accuracy and item availability throughout the supply chain and in store.

Dual technology labels allow retailers to really capitalize on this investment by getting more bang for their buck, whether this be with added RF loss prevention or customer engagement through NFC.

By only applying one label at the point of manufacture, brands can gain visibility and insight throughtout the supply chain. This also moves the labour costs up the chain, freeing up your store staff to get back to what really matters - delivering a first-class service to your customers.