SPRINT™ - Speed printing solution

Win the race for supply-chain resilience

Print the labels you need, FAST. SPRINT is a speed-printing solution unlike any other. Rather than simply providing the machinery to facilitate label printing, SPRINT gives you the tools and support needed to print intelligent RFID labels at the point of manufacturing, fast enough to match modern retail demands.

And when we say fast, we mean it. Compared to other solutions on the market, SPRINT reduces the approval to production waiting time from hours to seconds.

Brands are being forced to consider the robustness within their supply chain.

With 63% of companies say supply chain resilience is their most critical business objective - are you ready for the challenge?

How SPRINT works

The simple answer is: we give you a printer and all the inks and materials you need, connect you to our platform, and you're good to go! But the reality is much more transformative than that…​

You’ll get extensively tested RFID printers and scanners delivered to your locations, where Checkpoint's own engineers will install them for you. They’ll train your staff on the correct procedures and quality control measures, including measures for scanning barcodes and RFID inlays during the printing process, so your labels are always fit for purpose.

​With SPRINT, you can easily print on the factory floor your own RFID-embedded and encoded:

Why choose SPRINT for your labeling needs?

Powered by CheckNet

Unlike other in-plant printing products, SPRINT is backed by our best-in-class, cloud-based platform CheckNet® and service, all engineered to help you achieve your goals quickly and at scale. Our bespoke software comes with centrally controlled data and label designs to get you up and running fast.

CheckNet is a secure, flexible and scalable online ordering platform with a dedicated global support team, tailored for RFID's dynamic requirements.

Accessible from anywhere, CheckNet allows for effortless ordering from a comprehensive product catalog.

It smartly routes orders to the nearest shipping point and offers robust data management with export options for record-keeping.

SPRINT delivers the labels you need when you need them. There isn't anytime to waste, don't walk - SPRINT!