RFID Solutions for Food and Beverage

Streamline operations, reduce waste, and enhance product traceability for a successful customer experience.

Food & Beverage industry challenges

Food and beverage companies have to face two main challenges: inventory management and quality tracking.

Inventory loss can be due to several factors such as lack of visibility of shipment location, difficulty in tracking, operational efficiency issues… All of these can lead to inadequate inventory management resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

Grocery stores throw away billions of dollars worth of food every year due to freshness issues. As a result, F&B retailers need to manage products with a shorter shelf life, which requires accurate inventory tracking and rotation to avoid waste. Checkpoint Systems' traceability solutions can minimize the need to discard entire batches of food by tracking products at the item level.

Overcoming these challenges is crucial for the food and beverage industry to ensure optimal inventory management and maximize profitability.

RFID Top Solutions for Food and Beverage


BottleID™, Bottle digitalization with RFID

From wine & champagne to spirits, with RFID you are able to provide a unique digital identity to each bottle that helps you get better traceability and quality control of the distribution channels.

RFreshID™, the food waste solution

RFreshID provides a complete RFID solution for retailers to improve fresh food inventory accuracy, reduce waste and labor costs, and enhance the in-store customer experience.

RFID In-Store Solutions

Through RFID technology, retailers can achieve heightened visibility and strengthen their loss prevention initiatives, empowering them to effectively combat and mitigate losses.

Success Customer Stories

Mcdonalds France bets on RFID for a more sustainable future.

Find out how they have driven the use of reusable packaging in their restaurants across the country, relying on RFID technology.

Source Tagging Solutions for Food and Beverage retailers

Experience the power of complete product traceability, from source to shop, with our cutting-edge RFID solutions.

With RFID technology, you can effortlessly track your products throughout the entire supply chain, enabling optimal visibility. Our RFID encoding tunnels, shipping tables, and high-speed box readers ensure accurate and efficient tracking. Moreover, our labels are specifically designed for application at source, making us the go-to source tagging experts.

Revolutionize your supply chain management and embrace the advantages of enhanced traceability today.

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Other Solutions for Food & Beverage

NS45 Antenna

The NS45 antenna is perfect for retailers seeking high detection capabilities with an inconspicuous design.

Grocery and Food Security Labels

Checkpoint's specially designed food labels range guarantees both exceptional performance and safety for use in food applications officially certified.

Alpha High Theft Solutions

Our protection portfolio has been designed to bring security, ease of use, and aesthetics to the forefront. The ideal solution for your packaged food and beverage market.

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