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Join the revolution bringing ultimate clarity to product visibility

Digitalization is increasingly covering more fields of business activities, creating new opportunities for the social and economic development of organizations.​

Wineries and alcohol producers have a long tradition of using the latest technologies to enhance production and distribution, and by incorporating bottle digitalization through RFID can now enhance the visibility of their bottles from plant to store.

A bridge between the physical and digital worlds

Radiofrequency Identification (RFID) is a technology used to seamlessly obtain digital data from a product/object and identify it by a unique digital identifier, all stored in an RFID tag attached to the product.

RFID allows interaction with the product/object from a distance without visual contact with it, enabling high-speed operations such as an automatic register of production, shipment register at item level and many others.

Historically, RFID technology was not a suitable solution for the beverage market due to liquids' impact on the RFID performance, making it complex to integrate into a production line.

Until we found a solution…​

Our RFID labels provide top-level performance against liquids, meaning that the benefits of RFID can now be realised by wine, beers, spirits and perfume brands unlike ever before.

How can RFID help?

Key benefits of bottle digitalization

  • Improve quality tracking by associating key information at bottle level
  • Display provenance by assigning unique identifiers associated to D.O. serial numbers
  • Identify bottles sold in non-authorized markets with greater ease

Thanks to the latest RFID technologies from Checkpoint, you can protect your brand and have full traceability of individual products from the moment they’re bottled through to purchase.

Track every bottle

Brand owners, retailers and manufacturers across many sectors are beginning to wake up to the value of RFID across their supply chain, and the beverage industry will be no different in reaping the benefits.

By associating the production and logistic information with each bottle’s RFID unique identifier, faster and smarter decisions can be made to put inventory where it’s needed most.

Technology is changing the world- don’t get left behind!

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Why Checkpoint?

With over 25 years experience helping retailers, CPG companies and packagers efficiently apply labels safely and efficiently at source, Checkpoint are the experts in applying labels in an industrial setting, without compromising on performance.

We pride ourselves on the performance our tags achieve and over 2 billion RFID tags produced per year.

Controlling and owning the development and manufacturing process, we're able to develop new tags that meet the needs of our customers.

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