Mcdonald's France relies on our RFID technology expertise to drive the use of reusable containers in its restaurants. The move comes following McDonald’s commitment to eliminating unnecessary packaging and contributing to the improvement of recycling systems. It also coincides with the introduction of new French legislation – that came into effect in January 2023 – and aims to fight waste to preserve biodiversity and natural resources.

Julien Thibult, RFID Sales Director Checkpoint France explained: "With the new French legislation that came at the beginning of this year, the sector's players faced a unique challenge. Europe is tasked with achieving a circular economy within the next decade, and getting there will pose a number of operational obstacles.

Following an extensive two-year consultation process, Checkpoint was appointed to work with McDonald’s France in 2021 to deliver the project which involved the installation of RFID hardware and software in restaurants across the country. The project will help McDonald’s reduce waste by providing unrivaled real-time visibility of its reusable tableware stock, delivering fast and efficient inventory management, optimising replenishment and ensuring the restaurant’s stock lines are
protected for long-term security and usability.

What has the process been like?

Through laboratory test sessions and product consultations, we have developed one of the first ever food-safe, heat-and water-resistant, RFID solution. The pioneering design has been applied from cups and bottles to fries’ containers, enabling them to be monitored and potentially tracked through an automated database.

In addition, the database will provide McDonald’s France with real-time data on stock inventory – including the container type and quantities – and replenishment requirements, delivering up to 99% accuracy. Through its automated track and trace function, restaurants can also pinpoint the location of nearby containers (in case a container is accidentally discarded into a rubbish bin) to minimise the risk of shrink. To date, Checkpoint has supplied RFID solutions to more than 1,200 McDonald’s France restaurants.

Frederic Boukara, Business Unit Director France at Checkpoint Systems, added: "As the onus is placed on brands and retailers to pave the way for a greener future, it is important for organisations to adjust their business practices accordingly without any adverse effects on their bottom line. As such, we have provided an RFID solution to meet the demands of McDonald’s France, not only enabling it to improve its supply chain operations and visibility, but future-proofing the brand’s business with the environment in mind.”