Checkpoint has teamed up with Australian grocery giant Coles to implement the class-leading NEO EAS technology in a highly innovative way.

As more retailers move towards higher usage of Self Checkouts (SCO) as part of their shopper payment journey, efforts are being made to ensure this self-service process remains secure from the risks of theft and possible misuse.

Checkpoint designed and built the NG10 acrylic antenna for Coles, sharing the same best in class detection capabilities enjoyed by the other NEO family products, but within the Coles SCO area its full technology features are employed to provide both the SCO host and the shoppers with excellent service levels, coupled with seamless security protection.

Using the NEO people sensing technology, the NG10 antennas employed on the entrance to the SCO welcome shoppers to the area, with a friendly spoken message, and an alert is sent to the SCO host to advise them that that particular shopper has entered the area with RF protected products. This allows the Coles host to assist them in required.

At the exit from the SCO corral, if the NG10 antennas detect a security tag is still live and present on a product, the NG10’s again broadcast a security related message advising the shopper to seek assistance, and signal the SCO host that action is required.

This customer friendly routine ensures that security procedures and security loopholes are covered, without causing any embarrassment in this interaction.

The powerful and attractive NG10 is now available to other customers worldwide as part of our highly successful NEO range.

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