RFID Labels and Inlays

Designed, manufactured, encoded.

As a world-renowned label manufacturer and source tagging partner to some of the biggest global brands, we know a thing or two about labels. We've used every ounce of our experience to deliver one of the most comprehensive offerings of RFID inlays and products on the market.

With more than 20 inlay designs to choose from and the ability to convert into a range of possibilities, we have one of the widest selections available to suit any retail sector and use case.

Owning our supply chain from inlay design through label conversion, printing and encoding allows us to control cost, production speed, performance, quality, and carbon footprint.

One tag, many possibilities.

RFID provides brands and retailers the opportunity to revolutionize their business processes and understand their inventory better than ever before. How you choose to implement RFID into your products and knowing what type of performance and memory space you need is where things can get tricky - that's where we come in.

With one of the largest RFID inlays portfolios avaialable, all designed and manufactured in-house, Checkpoint is equipped to meet all your requirements and production standards, and partner with you to provide expert advice and guidance at every step of your RFID journey.

A selection of our RFID inlays