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Modern Retail. Smart Security

Electronic Article Surveillance is at the heart of what we do at Checkpoint. The fight against shoplifting never stops, and we want to provide retailers with the tools to take that fight to the criminals.

Our families of EAS Antennas offer exceptional detection and a range of installation options by our Customer Success agents. Checkpoint's world-class range of detection systems are created to meet retailers product protection requirements across a wide range of applications.

We invest heavily in our research and development to bring new and innovative loss prevention solutions to our customers.

Pioneers of innovation for the retail industry

Checkpoint EAS antennas are built on 50 years of radio frequency (RF) expertise and deep-rooted heritage in innovation. In a world where retailers have to juggle changing consumer demands with the need for greater sophistication in loss prevention techniques, no one is better placed to deliver intelligent solutions that bring clarity and efficiency into the retail environment anytime, anywhere.

RFID as EAS. Intelligence and security combined

With shoppers now demanding more seamless shopping experiences, RFID based technology is enabling many retailers to offer greater flexibility to their customers whilst increasing stock visibility throughout the supply chain. Our RFID enabled antennas combine the security of RF EAS detection with the added benefits and increased detection ranges of RFID.

Helping our customers
protect their customers

We care passionately about our products and customers, as much as you do about yours. Our electronics are sold across the world in over 60 countries and we need to ensure we meet every global, regional and local regulatory requirement.

During the development of every EAS antenna we put them through a rigorous set of health and safety standards tests to ensure they're met or exceeded to be fit for for your stores, before our global Customer Success teams install them to the highest standards within your environments.

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