Metal Detection

Elevate Retail Security: detecting threats, protecting profits

Close the Door on Organized Retail Crime

In the battle against organized retail crime (ORC), retailers are increasingly looking to adopt solutions to safeguard their merchandise and protect their profits. These criminal networks are adept at exploiting vulnerabilities in retail security systems. They're known for using booster bags and other tactics to bypass traditional EAS systems, resulting in substantial losses for businesses.

This requires retailers to look for innovative solutions to protect their products. Today, retailers can fortify their defense by incorporating cutting-edge metal detection technology into their existing Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems, such as Hyperguard & Metalguard.

This strategic move not only bolsters security but also sends a clear message to those attempting to exploit vulnerabilities – the doors to illicit gains are closing.

Hyperguard™ and Metalguard™, our Metal Detection Solutions

These solutions are technology agnostic (AM&RF) and are designed to give early warning of possible threats from those intent on using techniques to overcome being detected by the EAS System.

They are a digital software-driven solutions designed to deter ORC theft and give retailers more information on where ORC threats are entering stores.

Using a discreet alarm can alert store staff to a possible security risk without drawing attention to the shoplifter .

- Metalguard: detects booster bags
- Hyperguard: detects booster bags and rejection of alarms by metal trolleys/carts

How do our metal detection solutions work?

- Metal detectors are placed alongside the EAS system at the entrance to the store.

- Using digital technology, Metal detection can detect a Booster Bag or illegal Tag Detacher as it enters the store.

- It then sends a discreet real-time alert to store staff via a Smart Phone Pager App, Staff are then able to assess the risk and determine what action to take.

- Store Operations will be integrated as a monitoring and data collection platform for post-analysis purposes (Alarms trends, events timestamp for ORC events, etc.).

Benefits of using Metal Detection

Deter, detect and displace the threat from organized retail crime gangs.​

Reduce save floor space thanks to the integration in our antennas.

Improve shelf availability and keep your products and store safes​.

Enable remote device monitoring and compatible with your Store Operations.

Metal Detection available for EAS Systems

Our metal detection solutions - Hyperguard and Metalguard - can be integrated into our EAS Systems Evolve and NEO; or as a stand alone sensors.

NEO™ Systems

EVOLVE™ Systems

How to calculate the Metal Detection ROI?

Calculating the ROI of your metal detection solution is a crucial step in understanding its impact on your retail security strategy. By considering reduced theft costs, increased customer trust, and operational efficiency improvements, you can gauge the true value it brings to your bottom line.

Number of boosterbags detected/confiscated
Average retail value in the boosterbags
Sum of monthly shrink cost from boosterbags
Hyperguard Investment
ROI (Months)
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