RF EAS Deactivation

The most important interaction is the checkout

Whilst retailers traditionally focus on detection alone, deactivation is also a key performance measure which affects the store environment, shopper experience and overall ROI are also essential to improving the in-store customer experience.

Fast checkout and accurate first-time deactivation is crucial to minimise the number of unnecessary false alarms at store exit, improving customer satisfaction.  Our deactivators are installed and incorporated with your barcode scanners as part of the checkout setup enabling your staff to confidently and consistently deactivate RF labels quickly, delivering faster checkout speeds. Inconsistencies lead to embarrassed shoppers, a decrease in alarm compliance – negatively impacting their investment in their Loss Prevention solutions.

How does RF deactivation work?

RF labels can be deactivated during the scanning process at the checkout when the label is passed over the deactivator built into the checkout scanner design. The deactivation height of RF and RFID labels is much higher than other technologies, speeding up the checkout process, providing greater consistency of deactivation and therefore a better shopping experience.

Save time. Save energy.

Our RF Deactivators can deactivate labels as fast as the items are presented to the scanner so there is no delay in the checkout process for your customers and without adding any extra workload for your staff.

On top of the time savings associated with RF and RFID deactivation, RF uses up to 75% less power than other technologies, such as AM technology, reducing running costs, energy consumption and your carbon footprint.

Changing the way the future shops

Retailers now must place more emphasis than before on customer experience in their stores. For some shoppers, frustrations at the checkout process, particularly in terms of speed, is the greatest frustration they have with their shopping experience.

Download our report focusing on findings from our own customers into the state of current in-store checkout experiences, and the future for retail technology.

Counterpoint® iD RF Deactivator

Deter, deactivate, detect.

Providing a solution for retailers' challenge of ensuring accurate deactivation of tags and labels in store, whilst still effectively maintaining a positive checkout experience for their customers.

Whether for traditional staffed checkout options or for self check-out, enabling a seamless purchasing experience is critical for maintaining a positive relationship with your customers.

Counterpoint iD (CPiD) solution has an increased detection and deactivation field, ensuring live tag’s and labels are accurately deactivated when merchandise is passed by the scanner or pad, even with our smallest labels we've seen performance increased by up to 50%

  • Flexible and seamless integration with popular scanners and POS systems

  • RFID compatible for stores using RFID labels and tags

  • Protection against unintended deactivation or "sweethearting"

  • Self-monitoring performance to ensure effective output

Counterpoint® ECO RF Deactivator

Quick and accurate deactivation.

The counterpoint ECO offers retailers a high-performing deactivation solution for smaller tags and labels at point of sale.

Part of the Counterpoint family, the Counterpoint ECO offers the very latest in deactivation solutions and provides increased deactivation performance for smaller tag’s and labels as well as a carbon footprint reduction and seamless, flexible integration with popular scanners and systems.

The Counterpoint ECO off ers one step scan deactivation, ensuring live labels are deactivated quickly and accurately, minimizing checkout time and false alarms on exit, which all adds to a positive shopping experience for consumers.

  • Increased performance for smaller tags and labels

  • One-step scan deactivation for fast checkout processes

  • Flexible integration with popular scanners and systems

  • Reduced power consumption, better for your store