At Checkpoint Systems, we have championed loss prevention solutions with a portfolio of cutting-edge RF and RFID solutions capable of protecting products from the point of manufacture, throughout the supply chain to the checkout. We’ve always sought to bring our customers the latest innovations to keep up with the changing retail landscape and today is no different.

RFID continues to grow in importance, with retailers seeing the potential of using the technology as part of their arsenal against loss prevention, alongside its many other benefits, by incorporating it into in-store EAS.

SFERO, our next-level solution, will enable retailers to tailor their technological requirements to individual outlets, maximising security without compromising store design. This high performance, next generation RFID system combines antennas and overheads. It will deliver powerful detection capabilities, help towards minimising losses and protect stores in ways never possible until now.

SFERO will now provide retailers with the ability to choose the level of deterrence at the store entrance/exit, including a nearly invisible doorway option. The new modular solution enables the ability to add ceiling-mounted systems for large-spaces, or floor-mounted systems as a visual theft deterrent. Retailers will be able to maintain excellent levels of security while preserving an open, clean point of entry up to 6.3m, with antennas even being concealed to be almost invisible.

With a new, clean, sleek, and futuristic aesthetic, SFERO is fully adaptable to accommodate any store layout or design. The solution comes available with an antenna or overhead-only based solution as well as an antenna and overhead combined solution, that can be upgradeable for stores with larger entrances or more complex requirements. With our new technology, retailers will be able to colour code their solutions as well as seamlessly integrate different covers, to suit any store design or look.

Thanks to SFERO, stores can use RFID as EAS to minimize losses. We are revolutionizing the industry by introducing a new feature to help retailers combat body-shielding, a major technology issue that there has previously been no significant resolution to.

Our new and sleek solution will prioritize the in-store experience to allow shoppers to see, touch and try products before purchase, while minimizing stock losses.

At Checkpoint we bring our innovation to the forefront when delivering solutions to our customers. This latest fully customizable, adaptive, and high functioning solution will enable retailers to embrace game-changing, RFID technology within their stores more easily. We are excited to share further announcements and updates with you over the coming months ahead of our ground-breaking launch.