RFID Inventory Management Solutions for your Store

Unlock the power of your products

Being able to hold the right stock at the right time is crucial for retailers looking to maximise their potential. Modern consumers are looking for new ways of shopping and retailers must meet their demands.

Our in-store RFID solutions enable retailers to gain greater visibility of the stock they hold, allowing them to hold more of only the right stock, freeing up capital and focusing staff on more profitable activities.

  • Achieve up to 99% stock inventory accuracy with RFID

  • Conduct stock takes in a matter of minutes

  • Easy-to-use devices for the easy training of your staff

  • Know where your stock is for easy replenishment and fulfilment

Stock counting made simple

One of the biggest challenges for retailers is knowing exactly what stock they hold at any point in time. This knowledge allows you to better forecast, organize your shop displays and offer your customers more of what they want.

Traditional stock counting can take a long time, tying up your staff from doing more profitable tasks and often still provides inaccurate results.

Protection from the experts

Using RFID technology, stock counting can now be done in a matter of minutes with up to 99%* accuracy throughout your store. RFID tags do not need to be visible to be read and counted by the latest RFID inventory management technology and devices.

This data is then available to you through your software solution in near real-time, such as our ItemOptix™ Inventory Management Software, to analyze and act upon in a more intelligent manner for your business.

*Internal study and testing

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