Branding is in the details. Anyone can design a beautiful logo, but real apparel branding is a living, breathing thing. It trickles down into the smallest details, so your customers experience moments of delight in every interaction. And your clothing labels could represent untapped potential.

Labels are one of the most essential components in the buying journey. They contain information capable of turning a browse into a buy, so why not dare to push their potential further?

Our team of experts has banded together to brainstorm standout ways you can use garment labels to enhance your brand. Here are just a few ways we can work with you to create interactive experiences, build trust, and showcase your visual identity through garment labels.


1.   Interactive experiences with the hover of a phone

This one’s for all the modern, future-focused brands. Safeguard your position at the forefront of innovation by using Dual RFID inlays to give your customers seamless interactive experiences with the tap of a tag.

Our new DUÉ MINI dual RFID inlay combines UHF RFID (radio frequency identification) with NFC (near-field communication). It means you get all the loss prevention and stock control benefits of classic RFID with the contactless perks of NFC technology. Our inlays come in different formats, like price stickers or embedded pocket tags, so you can choose where they sit on your garments. Shoppers simply hover their phone over the tag, tap a link, and will automatically find themselves immersed in an interactive experience.

Use Dual RFID labels to inspire customers with an interactive website showcasing your latest collection or runway show. You could even go one step further and use the technology to transport them to an interactive AR experience, so they can explore your creations in 3D. The technology also works for games and immersive video experiences — the sky’s the limit!

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2.   ‘How to wear it’ style inspiration

Not every customer has red hot style credentials. Some may need a little inspiration before they commit to buying, so why not use your labels to help them along? Plug a social media URL into a label QR code or a discreet, scannable NFC inlay and give your customers unlimited style inspiration fresh from TikTok or Instagram.

By assigning seasonal collections or best-selling garments their own social media hashtag, you can give potential buyers a stream of ‘how to wear’ style inspiration designed to show your garments at their best. It’s a simple idea, but it could easily nudge customers into making a purchase and brings your brand off the hanger and into the real world.


3.   Give full sustainability info and green credentials

Nowadays, it’s not enough to say you’re a sustainable brand. Thanks to increased greenwashing in the fashion industry, customers want full transparency about a garment’s provenance before they buy. And we’ve got a solution for that — QR codes.

Okay, we know what you’re thinking. QR codes aren’t a new technology, but they are enjoying a renaissance now that technology has finally caught up. Adding a QR code to garment labels could allow you to thoroughly check off the sustainability angle in your brand by providing the right link to detailed information on the garment's creation.

You can use a secure site, with the right technology behind it, to give a complete chain of custody for the fabrics in the garment, links to your sustainability certifications, and details on ethical work practices in your overseas manufacturing locations. Customers want to know you’re taking sustainability seriously, and what’s more serious than this?


4.   Pioneer adventurous, sustainable materials

The journey to sustainability involves constant evolution. Always trying to find a newer, better way to improve what you do while keeping the quality high. And often, that means being bold enough to try something different. If this rings true for you, there are a few unconventional materials you could explore.

Apple leather and mushroom leather offer a more planet-friendly alternative to animal hides. Made from bio-based material waste, these vegan leather substitutes have different visual and tactile characteristics but share an undeniably luxurious feel.

Your sustainability options don’t stop at leather. You could also try paper stocks made from garment waste and textile scraps. They’re strong, soft, and help limit your brand’s environmental impact. You could even print a cheeky “I’m made from garment waste” message.


5.   Express a concept with photographic wovens

Art and fashion are one and the same, and your labels could easily be part of the story. Captivate customers with photographic-style woven labels, recreated in stunning detail — a clear indicator that this is one extra special garment. Photographic wovens are an excellent option for limited edition collections and special collaborations. Even better — label partners like us already have photographic label technology in-house, so it’s at your disposal whenever the situation calls for something radically different.


6.   Collectable Jacron denim patches (with hidden RFID tech)

Much like photographic woven labels, limited edition Jacron denim patches have the potential to be irresistible to collectors. Print and embellish them in a series of short, exclusive runs to add a decorative seal of authenticity to collaborations or seasonal releases. Want to plus it up? We can supply Jacron patches already encoded with embedded RFID technology – fashion and function combined.


This is just the start of what's possible when you've got an experienced labeling partner in your corner. So, bring us your wildest ideas, and we'll work with you to make them happen. Contact us today, and let's put your clothing labels to work.