It’s wild, isn’t it? Your labels could be the key to moving your brand toward the future of retail. As label specialists, we can safely say this isn’t hyperbole. From omnichannel experiences to frictionless checkout and circularity, this is how your labels can move you into the future.


1.   Let’s get ‘phygital’

Retail has reached a place where consumers expect brands to provide a seamless transition between digital and physical…’phygital’, if you will. According to Forbes, 88% of consumers feel it’s important for brands to have in-store and online purchase options, and over half (56%) prefer to switch between the two.

To move into the future of retail, you’ll need to find a manageable way to allow free movement between physical and digital shopping without any nasty hiccups (bad experiences are a death knell). But to do this, you need complete transparency over your stock.

Transition to intelligent labeling and unlock the kind of stock transparency only a deity would have. Each garment has its own unique RFID label, which can be scanned to give full info on stock volumes, movement, and garment history.


Customers can order online for in-store pickup, and you’ll have the intel you need to get that exact garment ready in minutes for better brand trust, better brand experiences, and (most importantly) better revenue.

Here at Checkpoint, we can create your RFID intelligent labels as external or sew-in solutions and use our smarts to encode them for you. They can be as discreet or accessible as you want — from pocket tags to hang tags. It’s your call!


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2.   Embrace circular fashion and sustainability

Retail is notorious for being one of the biggest greenhouse gas emissions contributors. But times are a-changin’. Consumers want brands to do better, and brands are rising to the challenge.

One of the best ways to help customers make informed purchase decisions is to give them all the info about a garment upfront. This is why the European Commission plans to roll out the Digital Product Passport initiative over the next few years. So, we’ve invented a QR code-based intelligent label that’ll help you on your way to garment circularity.

Our Gemini Tag uses a set of duplicate QR codes on a sew-in label and the hang tag to give customers info upfront plus long-term info they’ll need when reselling, recycling, or caring for their purchase. It’s thought this’ll help move retail towards a more ‘circular’ economy, where both consumers and brands make the most of products and resources that already exist.


The Gemini Tag can revolutionize your brand in other ways, too. The unique code can be used for garment authentication — very handy for designer brands, limited edition products, exclusive collaborations, and in-house resale initiatives.

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You can also make strides in sustainability by using RFID intelligent labels to collect data on your stock and sales. Not only is this excellent for making smarter business decisions, but it’ll help you save the planet by avoiding overproduction.


3.   Frictionless checkout (without smooth criminals)

Everyone’s talking about ‘frictionless checkout’ experiences. According to PwC’s Frictionless Retail report, 1 in 2 shoppers will actively switch to frictionless experiences. And why wouldn’t they? Frictionless checkouts are exciting and liberating. Moreover, they help free retail staff for revenue-boosting tasks, like replenishment and display compliance. And wouldn’t you know — your garment labels can help make it happen.

RFID labels and inlays allow self-checkout scanners to identify each item in the basket so customers can pay up and leave without delay. Using embedded RFID labels like pocket tags or integrated care labels means items can still be scanned and charged even if the hangtag has been removed (whether innocently or fraudulently!).


We’re so convinced frictionless checkout is the future of retail that we’ve recently partnered with Partner Tech Europe. Together, we’re developing the next generation of self-service checkouts for enhanced convenience and security in-store. It’s going to be *chef’s kiss*.


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4.   Dive into immersive retail experiences

It’s not enough to have knockout retail displays nowadays. Almost a third of shoppers (30%) want to be titillated by immersive digital experiences when they visit a brick-and-mortar store.

This is much more than an exercise in giving the people what they want; immersive experiences allow customers to interact with your product and your brand, giving you new ways to realize your creative vision.


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Embed a discreet dual technology DUÉ label into your tags or garments and give your customers a way to interact right there on the shop floor. DUÉ labels combine RFID with NFC, so customers can be whisked away to a video landing page or a style inspiration hashtag on social media with just one smartphone scan. RFID tech can also enable ‘smart mirrors’ for in-store interactive displays (unbelievably cool).


It really is as simple as working with a specialist to design the right label for the job — and we can do that for you. Checkpoint has been at the forefront of retail for decades, and we’re committed to keeping you right there with us. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team today and be one of the first to put these innovative ideas to work. The future of retail waits for no one!