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Hubo Groep HEEREN exchanges EM for RF security

Checkpoint speaks with Jurgen Vanderheyden from Hubo Group HEEREN about the recent decision to switch from EM security technology to Checkpoint RF technology within the DIY (do-it-yourself) sector.


Jurgen has been working at Hubo Groep HEEREN for 20 years and currently holds the position of prevention and safety advisor. He is also responsible for article security within the Hubo Group HEEREN. After having held various positions, Jurgen ended up in his current position, which has presented him with a series of new security challenges.


The Hubo Group HEEREN currently consists of 18 HUBO branches, with plans to open new branches over the next 12 months. Established in 1970 by the HEEREN family, the retailer primarily specialized in plumbing and heating. It grew rapidly, and in 1980 opened one of the first DIY businesses in Belgian Limburg. Since 1990, the business was gradually taken over by the youngest generation of the HEEREN family. Under the direction of Tom Heeren, the DIY division continued to expand, both by opening stores in new locations and by taking over independent DIY stores that were transformed into Hubo stores.


All stores were equipped with Checkpoint Systems' EM security. A security technology that was often installed in its DIY stores but became somewhat outdated. The energy consumption of EM, and its impact on the environment, was considerable. Because the modules of an EM installation require a relatively large amount of maintenance, and, therefore, the maintenance contract for just one EM system proved significant, RF became a realistic option.


Jurgen also found out, through audits, that store personnel did not have confidence in the system, which is unfavorable for a good security strategy. He decided to run a 12-month trial with Checkpoint’s RF security system at Hubo Groep HEEREN Reet branch. The trial was so successful that it was extended to three branches, and, eventually, all 17 branches were converted to Checkpoint RF technology.

The test consisted not only of antennas, but also of a corresponding assortment of Checkpoint Labels, Hard Tags, and Spider Wraps®.


"With the new technology, we can secure more,” says Jurgen. "Like electric hand tools. And we do not need to reactivate the Spider Wraps®, which saves us a lot of time."


"Both technologies have disadvantages. RF offers us many benefits, but we cannot protect everything. We solve this by safeguarding some products preventively and thinking about 'visual tagging' for the future."


Thanks to Alpha® High-Theft Solutions, the security offered by Hubo Groep HEEREN is very good, especially because it is so easy to use. CableLok®, Keeper®, Spider Wraps®, and Hard Tags are easy to apply and disconnect at the cash register.


"And that’s good because we want to make it as easy as possible for our people. They already have to take care of enough tasks!"


Jurgen also found that the implementation of the new system and support from store personnel, was improved by the training offered by Checkpoint. Questions such as: How do I deal with such a new system, how should I appeal to people, how do I ensure a preventive policy, what can I do and what is absolutely not allowed? Were all addressed and can be used properly by the staff.


Even though the figures are not yet fully visible, Hubo Groep HEEREN has already noticed that theft has fallen within the high loss-prone product groups. Professional theft remains a big and difficult problem. But because of the better detection with RF and the expansion of the number of secured items in the new process, feedback from Hubo Groep HEEREN demonstrates it is confident that it is a secured business!

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