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Grow sales, transform your customer’s experience and increase process efficiency with our task-driven inventory management SaaS solution, HALO.

Utilising the latest in cloud-based technologies, bringing together over 15 years experience deploying RFID to facilitate item-level traceability in retail worldwide, HALO is built to deliver a highly flexible solution set that enables you to deploy RFID quickly, without the need to manage additional infrastructure.

Using RFID software can provide:

  • 4% average sales uplift

  • 99% inventory accuracy

  • 90% out-of-stock reduction

  • 75% audit cost reduction

Measuring the impact of inventory accuracy

RFID has, in most cases, proven to deliver an ROI in 12 months or less by enabling inventory accuracy, faster handling of goods, quicker discrepancy resolution and accelerated stock movements.

HALO enables the retailer to track and trace every RFID-tagged piece of merchandise from the point of manufacturing to the store with modules designed to get you along the way. With this SKU-level visibility, retailers and brands can leverage every unit of their inventory, regardless of its location or how the customer is buying it.

Infrastructure and security

Deploying any new SaaS solution requires close scrutiny from your IT department to ensure security at all times across your estate. We take a security-first attitude and conduct regular, independent penetration testing of our systems, software and platform whilst working closely with your IT teams to provide the access, documentation and support they need.

  • SOC 2 Type II certified solution

  • No personal or sensitive data is captured or stored

  • All data is encrypted in transit and at rest

  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure

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With solutions and subscriptions available to solve use cases for suppliers, distributors and retailers, the digital transformation journey to better business and customer engagement through improved inventory management has never been simpler.

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