As one of the leading suppliers of RFID labels to the retail and logistics industries, Checkpoint Systems is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our ever-growing portfolio - the newly released Impinj M800 series chip.

This new IC from industry experts Impinj further enhances our offerings, with its outstanding performance in various apparel, retail, and industrial applications.


Inside the M800 series

Impinj's M830 and M850 RAIN RFID tag chips represent the next generation of RFID technology. Boasting improved readability and enhanced sensitivity, these brand-new chips display a 30 percent reduction in power consumption and a small footprint. This makes them ideal for use across shoes, apparel, general merchandise, and more.

The M800 series also uses 'Impinj Protected Mode,' which protects consumer privacy and increases retail self-checkout and loss prevention abilities.


Chris Diorio, Impinj co-founder and CEO says:

“Our Impinj M800 series comprises the most advanced tag chips in the market. With enhanced performance and features, this series is designed to help enterprises read the right tag, at the right place, at the right time.”


RFID innovations from the experts

The M800 series IC complements our existing range of ICs available in our portfolio. Thanks to our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, Checkpoint is able to integrate the newest chips in our inlays without delay, all while adhering to the highest performance standards we uphold for our customers.

Available in a range of formats to suit market needs, including hangtags, pockets tags and branded woven labels, the M800 series chips are readily available for request in many of our inlays, including our best-selling Njord inlay.

Further news and developments to come.

If you would like to know more about the new M800 series chips and our industry-leading range of RFID inlays, please contact the team today.