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Intelligent Tickets

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Brand Visibility

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Global Order Tracking

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Intelligent Tickets

Whether you are looking to Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tag garments at source, looking to comply with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) mandates from retailers or implement your own RFID project, Checkpoint has the products and the partners to help you succeed.


A range of solutions for your RFID needs, from label stock through to a customized RFID solution. Whether it is a price ticket for garments or a shipping label for vendor compliance, Checkpoint has a solution. The versatility of our production means that Checkpoint is able to work across all of the bene t areas of RFID; from asset tracking through to product authentication. The ability to convert the various demands within the industry into a viable product and then distribute to global suppliers at source is vital to the successful launch of an RFID project. Checkpoint is a company experienced in supplying products at international standards.


ELECTRONIC ARTICLE SURVEILLANCE (EAS) Electronic article surveillance, or EAS, is an anti-shoplifting system used by retail businesses where an electronically-detectable tag is attached to the item of clothing or merchandise. Checkpoint is mainly experienced in working with Radio Frequency (RF), but provides also Acousto-Magnetic (AM) accessories, and has implemented global source tagging projects. Checkpoint is able to offer creative solutions to your EAS tagging needs while ensuring that the need for covert tag placement is met.


Barcodes eliminate the possibility of human error and offer a fast and reliable method of data entry. Checkpoint offers a number of solutions for production of Barcoded items including laser, thermal transfer and solid-ink systems. Speed is essential in the production of variable data and UPC items and Checkpoint offers global at-source options for these items.

Variable Data

Variable information such as size, price and barcodes can be automatically captured and printed in the Checkpoint location that is local to production. Taking data direct from the source negates the need for re-entering data and eliminates the possibility of human error, and ensures data accuracy.

Brand Visibility

The “silent promoter” in the retail store, these products convey the brand image and values to the consumer. Information about the materials, brand, sizing, and price all t into this area and is key to all retail merchandising.

Promotional Hangtags

Promotional Hangtags

Printed products are often the first thing that shoppers will notice in a busy retail environment. More than just functionality; bold branding is required to differentiate between you and the competition. This product line includes a diverse range of materials and finishes that reinforce, enhance, and elevate an items brand value.

Printed Fabric Labels

Printed Fabric Labels can provide a wide range of looks, from a worn look on a heavy canvas tape or a fine print on a satin feel label. With many print and tape and printing options, PFLs are an extremely versatile option suitable for any brand.

Heat Transfer Labels

The ultimate solution for next to skin labeling, heat transfers feel integrated into garment fabric. Using specialized print and application techniques HTLs can be used on performance blends and specialty fabrics. Brands benefit by having their name attached to the garment permanently. Whether a tagless neck label or a high quality branding graphic, Checkpoint has a suitable transfer.

Functional Packaging

Checkpoint can produce a wide variety of products and materials to satisfy diverse requirements. These include hanger cards, pocket flashers, wraps, inserts and size strips. The diversity of the Checkpoint manufacturing capabilities means that your functional packaging can be seamlessly integrated into your brand merchandising plan for the retail environment without compromising aesthetics. Checkpoint is the complete package solution for your brand to ensure consistent corporate imagery.

Woven Labels

Nothing can enhance the perceived value and image of an article more than a woven label. Lasting the life of the garment, a woven label is a constant reminder to the customer of the brand quality and luxury. A wide variety of materials and weaves can be employed including Taffeta, Damask, Satin, Twill, Polyester, Cotton, Metallic and Micro weave yarns. Finishing options include embossing, laser-cutting, woven edge, hot-cut, folding, looping, heat sealing, adhesive application and ultrasonic cutting.

Global Order Tracking


Check-Net® is a completely automated online ordering platform, designed and supported by Checkpoint. It manages complex order flows drives speed and accuracy for garment manufacturers. Flexible and intuitive it easily adapts to customers ERP architecture and enables automated data flow with real time order management and customized reports. Customers can place orders for the entire product range, from hangtags, woven labels, PFL, to variable information tickets.

Check-Net® offers visibility through production, shipping and invoicing with full transparency of order status across the supply chain.

Global Manufacturing

With 16 locations across 4 continents Checkpoint is your global supplier from creation until production, with global consistency and compliance.

Quick Turnaround Sampling

This global production and support network backed by our in house information technology and tracking tools allow for industry leading sampling turnaround.

Close to the needle

The distribution of Checkpoint production sites insures our solutions are available locally in all of the key garment manufacturing regions. This at-source capability makes us a leader in on time delivery.

Global Art & Color Management

Checkpoint’s global depository of your current approved artwork has many benefits. Proofs and revisions are handled in a global online environment resulting in reduced development time and simplified management of all merchandise identification products. CheckProof revolutionizes the classic proofing cycle by enabling our customers to review production files online in real-time.


Cost Saving

Correction cycles shortened, errors minimized, production time and cost significantly reduced.


The use of invitations and passwords ensures the secure storage of your brand identity. Users can view entire workspaces or individual projects, you decide.

Online Proofing

Online proofing enables a faster digital work flow.


Supports multiple file formats without conversion or compression.


The creative departments at Checkpoint are in place to help you streamline the pre-production and ideation processes. The services available range from conceptual development through to sampling, production and delivery, everything needed to get your packaging solutions out to your vendors on time.

Predictive Innovation

Partnering with customers from start to finish to deliver Custom Services to help build their brands. With experience in design, products, materials and production, we work closely with global sourcing teams to achieve customers’ goals with unique ideas and recommendations. Our creative team can engage a development conversation prior to customer’s internal product development cycle. Services including; concept development & sampling, material exploration, store and brand audits.

Development Tools

This is a broad range of kits and tools carried by the sales team that simplifies the product development process. Whether working on a specific paper selection or creating a new woven label, Checkpoint has tools to help with this process and speed up the future development.