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RFID Solutions will improve merchandise visibility and inventory accuracy. Allowing improved planning, inventory allocation, in-store inventory visibility, reduction of out-of-stocks and increased sales.

We are one of the only companies that own every stage of your RFID journey, from inlay design to hardware configuration and testing to software development.

2 billion RFID tag manufacturing capability annually
Dual tech solutions including RF + RFID / UHF + NFC
Fully owned manufacturing and quality control process
Software solutions for your industry from apparel to fresh food

Improved processes. Improved profits.

Inventory accuracy is key for all retail markets. Knowing where your stock is when allows you to keep your shelves stocked with the right items when your customers want them.

The average stock accuracy level for a retailer is around 65%, but with every 3% improvement here we can improve sales by 1%

By implementing RFID and increasing average stock accuracy levels to above 93% means you increase sales by 9% annually.

The benfits of RFID

With lots of talk about RFID in the market, it's important not to just listen to buzzwords, but understand the true benefits RFID can deliver to your business.

Reduced errors due to delivery discrepancies

Faster shelf replenishment

Less time looking for products

More frequent, and quicker, stock counts possible

Out-of-stock situations reduced

Enabling full omnichannel shopping and fulfilment

Staff have more time to serve customers

Insight into shopping patterns

Our latest innovations

With you every step of the way

We firmly believe in putting the customer at the center of our practices. That's why we operate a customer-led approach to our projects, and our Client Success Managers work with the sole target of making sure you, the customer, are completely satisfied.

While many technology providers are focused entirely on their tech, our focus on our clients' needs makes us more responsive, adaptable, and able to offer a more complete service.