RF Metal™ Label

Introducing the world's first commercially available RF label for metal products and metallic packaging from Checkpoint

Historically, retailers had limited options to secure products in metallic packaging, leaving high-value items at risk.

Commonly targeted items include:

  • Baby Formula
  • DIY & Hardware Goods
  • Coffee
  • Energy Drinks
  • Perfumes and Cosmetics

Retailers have been searching for a solution to this elusive problem for more than 25 years, with the technical challenges associated often being considered too difficult to overcome, and thanks to the dedicated R&D teams at Checkpoint, the solution is now in your hands.

The latest innovation from Checkpoint's labeling division

The new RF Metal label allows retailers to protect metallic products and packaging using the same EAS systems as they do for the rest of their inventory.

Simply apply the patented label in-store or as part of your source tagging programme for consistent compliance, optimal visibility and unprecedented performance.

Proven to dramatically reduce shrinkage, financial losses and stock shortages

During the testing of this label with selected customers across a number of veritcals, markets and geographies, we saw a consistent 50% shrink reduction in previously unprotected items.

Key Features

  • Can be applied directly to metal products and metallic packaging

  • Brand new design and manufacturing method to combat the usual issues caused by metal

  • Invented, designed and produced fully in-house

  • Design includes the BlackLock logo for an extra visual deterrent

  • Affixed with a high-bond adhesive that resists removal

Increase protection on key items and deter theives from your store

As the global leader in source-to-shopper solutions with more than 50 years experience in RF EAS technology, Checkpoint has developed this unique innovation to enable you to protect the valuable household brands on your shelves, achieve true peace of mind and meet your targets.

Comply with retailer requirements and provide better merchandising opportunities for key items without compromising on security.

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Be amongst the first to protect your goods with our latest innovation.

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