Supply Chain RFID Solutions

Traceability of all your products
from source to shop

RFID can allow complete transparency as your products move through the supply chain. To achieve this and generate maximum ROI from any investment, you need the right hardware for the job.

uptime performance
Global dedicated teams for successful deployment
Verify tags at speeds of up to
96x faster than handheld
Dedicated software solution with full suite of Supply Chain Solutions

High detection accuracy

In RFID, detection is key. Missed reads or stray reads directly impact efficiency and data integrity. Lower cost solutions often claim equal performance, but Checkpoint solutions are proven to perform consistently in the most demanding environments

Technology needs to be an enabler, not a hindrance when it comes to achieving your goals. All of our hardware is built and tested to ensure that they provide near-perfect uptime so as not to contribute to any production downtime.

From our encoding tunnels to shipping tables to high-speed box readers, everything carries the Checkpoint brand synonymous with quality.

Supported by best-in-class software

All of our Supply Chain RFID solutions are typically integrated with Checkpoint HALO software, providing the latest, feature-rich options to solve use cases for suppliers, distributors and retailers.

A selection of our Supply Chain RFID solutions:

RFID Box Tunnels

RFID Box Cabinet

RFID Tables

RFID Garment Tunnel