RFID for the Beverage Market

Using RFID to tackle the beverage grey market

Would you be able to identify where your products are at every stage from production to store?

Many brands are facing the same issue as they look to combat the impact of grey market sales on the beverage industry.

Thanks to the latest RFID technologies from Checkpoint, you can protect your brand and have full traceability of individual products from the moment they’re bottled through to purchase.

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Key benefits

RFID technology is becoming more prevalent, from production lines to stores. By applying RFID based solutions to the beverage industry, you can:

  • Easily verify the origin and destination of your products

  • Improve customer engagement through brand protection

  • Find out if your products are sold outside the official market

  • Increase anti-counterfeiting protection through technology

The impact of illicit alcohol in the BWS industry

The Wine, Champagne and Spirits industry has an estimated global market size of $1.5 trillion and is predicted to increase to over $2.2 trillion by 2025.*

It's this mass-market appeal that leads organisations and individuals to look to make their own profits from this industry, with a recent study suggesting 1 in 4 of the total alcohol market (25.8%) being illicit.**

This is often referred to as the Grey Market.

What do we mean by illicit alcohol?

Illicit alcoholic beverages are sold commercially and do not comply with the relevant regulations and taxes in a country. These can be sold in informal (street stalls) or formal channels (stores/bars).

Illicit sales could come from

  • smuggling
  • counterfeit
  • tax leakage
  • surrogate
  • illicit artisanal

Better traceability from source to shop

RFID labels on products have been proven to provide many business benefits, including supply-chain visibility and increased ability to deliver the right goods to your customers at the right time.

As a vertically integrated supplier of RFID solutions to the beverage industry, Checkpoint is perfectly placed to support your business in making this move to secure your goods and protect your brand against grey market activities.

Checkpoint will be your dedicated partner, ensuring that you achieve your targets and milestones throughout the process.

From providing the tags for source application, to installing the RFID reader in your bottling lines, we take the hassle away from getting this off the ground so you can see the benefits faster.

All tagged bottles throughout your distribution network and in your customers' stores can then be tracked and easily scanned giving your peace of mind that your products are in front of your audience and customers when you want them to be.

Time to start your RFID revolution

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Why Checkpoint?

With over 25 years experience helping retailers, CPG companies and packagers efficiently apply labels safely and efficiently at source, Checkpoint are the experts in applying labels in an industrial setting, without compromising on performance.

We pride ourselves on the performance our tags achieve and over 2 billion RFID tags produced per year.

Controlling and owning the development and manufacturing process, we're able to develop new tags that meet the needs of our customers.

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