NEO™ Systems

NP10 / 20


NS40 / 42


Welcome to the future of EAS security

Our most advanced range of antennas, the NEO™ range combines exceptional design with enhanced performance.

Best in Class, revolutionary technology that drives exceptional detection performance. NEO integrated wireless connectivity means they are easier to install than other antennas with less cabling required – setting new standards for the industry housed in award-winning designs to exceed retailer expectations.

Enhanced in-store
detection capabilities


Wireless connectivity via
WiFi or Bluetooth

Remote monitoring
and maintenance

Forward thinking protection

NEO connects directly to store networks, mobile and the Checkpoint cloud platform with no middleware, allowing continuous and seamless data gathering.

With 24/7 real-time self-health check, any issues are picked up immediately.

Greater installation possibilities

With a longer detection range, antenna can be placed further apart and become less visually intrusive for your store design whilst still giving great performance in wider aisles.

Wireless connectivity between antennas also reduces the need to dig up store floors to lay wiring, making installation and subsequent changes in layout easy to accommodate.

Better for the environment, better for your bills.

Our NEO NP range can be put into sleep mode instead of turning it off – waking up by itself when you are ready to start your day. Other systems use between 50-70% more power than Checkpoint’s NEO solutions.