Woven labels

High quality woven labels that sing

Whether purely for branding, or containing more detailed product information, our woven labels provide the quality that speaks of your brand.

Comfortable with looming deadlines

Using only the highest quality yarns and materials, we have the expertise to turn your designs into reality.

Replicating digital designs in woven labels is not as straightforward as you would believe, especially when looking to replicate consistently. Our experts can help guide you through the process so you're selecting the right materials partnered with the correct techniques to make your woven labels pop.

We're attached to your brand

There are many different folding and finishing techniques available, each bringing its own design qualities but also challenges in production.

From Manhattan folds to side sew loops, our production specialists will help you get the style that's right for your brand and your garments.

Inspiration through design

View a selection of previously created woven labels to see just a few of the possibilities we can help you create.

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