RFID Labels and Inlays

Designed, manufactured, encoded.

As a world-renowned label manufacturer and source tagging partner to some of the biggest global brands, we know a thing or two about labels. We've used every ounce of our experience to deliver one of the most comprehensive offerings of RFID inlays and products on the market.

With more than 20 inlay designs to choose from and the ability to convert into a range of possibilities, we have one of the widest selections available to suit any retail sector and use case.

Owning our supply chain from inlay design through label conversion, printing and encoding allows us to control cost, production speed, performance, quality, and carbon footprint.

One tag, many possibilities.

Our versatile RFID inlays are designed around you and your needs. Whether you're looking to enable fast stock counts, RFID as EAS, or greater DC visibilities, our RFID inlays are built around you.

For application to your products, we offer a range of options from adhesive labels and sew in solutions to hard tags and hang tags.

A selection of our RFID inlays


Our small form factor inlay, offering exceptional performance for its size, the Vortex is our most popular and versatile inlay.

Available and suitable with all chips, this inlay is suitable for converting almost any product with RFID.


Combining excellent performance of both RF and RFID in one label, the UNO label is ideal for retailers transitioning from RF to RFID as EAS or looking to realize the benefits of RFID inventory management without compromising on loss prevention.

Convertible into different product formats from tags and tickets to sew-in solutions, the UNO label provides retailers with many options to protect their products and actualize the benefits of RFID.


An RFID inlay perfectly designed for multiple use cases, but ideal for food and grocery retailers looking to take advantage of RFID technology and visibility throughout the supply chain.

ISEGA approved adhesive for indirect food contact alongside being EECC certified for microwave use, makes this suitable for all food packaging applications, such as our RFreshID solution.


Offering excellent performance in high density environments, the Sirocco inlay is available with different adhesive options making it suitable for a wide range of applications, such as logistics and for the beverage industry.

Expertly designed to accommodate the newest RFID chips, the Sirocco inlay provides excellent read rates in even the toughest of situations.

Our NFC solution, the Spiro offers retailers increased possibilities for customer engagement alongside the many other benefits that NFC labels offer to your business.

Approved by DoseID, the Spiro is approved and suitable for medical applications and tracking on top of other retail use cases.