It’s time for an EAS revolution

Checkpoint Systems’ new NEO electronics will deliver better detection, wider aisle widths, enhanced connectivity and cost savings

14 January 2018 – Checkpoint Systems, a leading supplier of source to shopper solutions for the global retail industry, has announced a radical shake-up of its range of electronic article surveillance (EAS) antennas, with the introduction of a revolutionary new electronics platform. Unveiled today at NRF’s Big Show, NEO will deliver enhanced detection and connectivity to retailers, enabling them to improve store operations.

The powerful new electronics represent a seismic shift in the way radio frequency-based (RF) EAS solutions perform in store and enable the sensors to become a key part of the connected store environment. Available immediately, NEO will debut in a range of new, more aesthetically pleasing antenna designs, aiding retailers that are looking to create a more enticing shop entrance.

Superior performance

NEO pushes the capabilities of RF-based EAS solutions, boosting the standard detection range by up to 35% so that retailers can increase the distance between each antenna to 2.7m. The unique electronics deliver superior detection and mean the sensors are capable of protecting the smallest of labels – including those used on cosmetics products – against theft, in either the current aisle width setup or wider.

True connectivity

A first for the retail industry, NEO-enabled antennas will feature wireless Bluetooth connectivity. This means that stores will no longer have to connect antennas via underfloor cabling – a costly and time consuming process. Its remote connectivity ensures that the EAS investment is maximised, with Checkpoint providing a live system health check and online service support, while alarm-related data can be synchronised to the cloud to provide real-time actionable insights.


Improved design

With smaller, more efficient electronics, the antenna’s footprint has been minimised. The new NP10 and NP20 sensors – the next generation of the highly successful P10 and P20 devices – are the first to include NEO electronics. Developed for grocery and big box retailers, they will feature a less intrusive, lightweight, more contemporary look with a brushed metal frame. Importantly the antennas have been designed with RFID in mind, with retailers able to seamlessly upgrade their sensors without any impact on the antenna frame.

Simon Edgar, Senior Director of Product Managment for EAS/RFID Systems and Software at Checkpoint Systems, commented:

“We designed the blueprint for the very first EAS antenna and it’s exciting to be the one ushering in a new era for the technology. The challenges faced by retailers 50 years ago are inherently different that those faced today. Retailers are now led by data and NEO is pivotal to loss prevention sensors becoming part of the connected store. The revolutionary electronics that we’ve developed allow for the seamless transfer of data to the cloud which ultimately helps stores to make informed business decisions, based on analytics.”

The NP10 and NP20 sensors are available immediately, and Checkpoint will unveil further designs for other vertical markets throughout 2018.

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Checkpoint to transform the way retailers do business as EuroCIS

26 January 2018 – Checkpoint Systems is set to unveil a new generation of intelligent retail solutions at EuroCIS, from 27 February to 1 March 2018, that will help stores transform their data into actionable intelligence that can inform strategic and tactical business decisions.

At Europe’s leading retail technology event in Dusseldorf, Checkpoint will showcase solutions that fit into four core areas – software, hardware, consumables and services. Retailers visiting the show will be able to explore how the vendor’s unique technologies will help reduce shrinkage, minimise out of stock scenarios and increase sales.


Harnessing the power of the cloud

Launching in early 2018, a revolutionary new software platform will connect hardware, consumables and services in a single solution to transform the way retailers do business through intelligent event learning. It will provide easy-to-use dashboards, graphs and charts that will help drive successful outcomes across an estate.

Bringing the connected store to life

At EuroCIS, Checkpoint will unveil its latest range of sensors, including a new range of RF-based EAS antenna designs that feature revolutionary NEO electronics. Representing a seismic shift in the way the solutions perform in store, the devices will deliver enhanced detection and have been designed with the ‘connected store’ in mind, enabling retailers to improve both profitability and their customers’ experience.

Checkpoint will also demonstrate its award-winning EVOLVE-Store solution that is revolutionising the way that retailers communicate. It collects data from multiple sources, including visitor counting solutions, and enables staff to pull in store insights anytime, from anywhere. Importantly it ensures staff compliance with EAS alarms and helps minimise system downtime by alerting teams when there are errors with loss prevention equipment.

Consumables at source

Using a universal product tracking or protection solution throughout the supply chain can deliver huge benefits to manufacturers and retailers. Checkpoint’s intelligent consumables can be applied to products at the point of manufacture, connecting all phases of the product life cycle, resulting in increased sales and in-stock rates, and lower shrink.

Tackling retail theft

Retailers will find the world’s most technologically advanced loss prevention solutions – Alpha High Theft Solutions – at Checkpoint’s stand. With decades of experience, experts will be on hand to explain how retailers can identify what is happening in a store, how to combat organised retail crime and which tags and labels will work hardest for each type of store.

Fran Zanier, Marketing Director EMEA at Checkpoint Systems commented:

"2018 will be a landmark year for Checkpoint, which will see us introduce some truly revolutionary solutions that will help retailers transform the way they do business. By developing a range of innovative, intelligent hardware and software we’re helping businesses better leverage their data to make informed decisions that will make a difference to their bottom lines.

Visitors to EuroCIS 2018 will find Checkpoint Systems in Hall 9 on stand D42.

Notes to editors:

Checkpoint will run a press briefing on its stand at EuroCIS on 27 February 2018, please RSVP to confirm your attendance. Two briefings will take place, the first in English at 1300CET and the second in German at 1400CET.

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Are your fitting rooms a magnet for theft?

New ApparelGUARD solution is designed to detect illegal detacher use

December 01, 2017 – It’s proven that fitting rooms present retailers with a great opportunity to sell more merchandise, but can also act as a “safe haven’ for dishonest shoppers to conceal garments and steal them. According to the most recent Global Retail Theft Barometer, apparel retail specialists have one of the highest shrinkage rates globally, accounting for 1.8% of sales. To help minimise the risk of this concealment theft, Checkpoint Systems, a global leading provider of source to shopper solutions to the retail industry, has announced the launch of a new solution – ApparelGUARD.

Available as part of the connected store Solution Application EVOLVE-Store™, this unique magnet detection technology is installed in individual fitting rooms. It identifies when someone carrying an illegally obtained security tag detacher enters the cubicle. It then looks for its movement as a dishonest shopper attempts to remove tags from merchandise. The alarm is triggered when ApparelGUARD antennas have sensed both events – minimising false alarms. An alert is sent via the EVOLVE-Store Live App to ensure the incident is responded to by a member of staff.

The solution is easy to install and can protect up to 10 fitting rooms, either as a standalone application or it can be networked into an existing EAS infrastructure using a special API.

Simon Edgar, Senior Director - Product Management at Checkpoint Systems commented:

“ApparelGUARD represents a new way fitting rooms are protected. Retailers are aware of the conundrum posed by allowing shoppers to try merchandise on in-store, but allowing them to do so is a key element of providing an interactive experience and it’s proven to increase sales. This solution will give retailers peace of mind, providing a visual deterrent to make dishonest customers think twice before using them as a haven to detach tags.”

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