RFID Labels

One label. Endless possibilities.

RFID technology is your first step toward the future of retail. It’s the gateway to omnichannel, reaping the full benefits of display compliance or earning more from your stock.

Checkpoint's RFID solutions enable successful adoption of RFID for brand and companies of all sizes, all built on our many decades of experience.

RFID Labels: Designed and Manufactured

There are three things needed to make RFID work for you: the tag, software and hardware. A successful tagging program enables brands to successfully implement item-level inventory management and the RFID label is at the heart of every deployment.

Checkpoint owns the complete supply chain from inlay design through to manufacturing and encoding, allowing us to control performance and quality. Our global network of print shops and production facilities strategically located around the world can deliver your lables how and when you need them.

Industry Alliance

Collaboration powers us. Discover the network of business associations fueling our achievement.

Sustainable RFID

RFID has the power to help you achieve your sustainability goals - but that doesn't necessarily mean that RFID labels are themselves "sustainable".

We believe in a science-based approach to deliver the facts to our clients about RFID, so they're always in the know and can factor it into their own sustainability targets and reports.

This approach guarantees that we will never try to pull the wool over your eyes when it comes to sustainability.

Want to learn more? We'd be happy to share our findings with you!

Intelligence at the core

Our highly experienced team can help you create and manufacture the perfect intelligent RFID label for your needs, however you need it for your product.

Available in a wide range of formats, from labels and stickers to fully integrated brand labels, our extensive inlay portfolio is suitable for products across retail and beyond.

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