Source Tagging

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With over 25 years experience, Checkpoint has helped retailers, CPG companies and packagers efficiently apply RFID/RF EAS labels safely both within and on packaging. EAS labels applied upstream minimize cost and protect brand integrity.

From beverage to apparel, grocery to cosmetics, DIY to pharmaceuticals, we have a solution to suit almost any sector, with one of the widest range of EAS labels available to help meet your application needs.

Our labels are designed for high-speed label application, improving production efficiencies and optimizing the performance of retail EAS solutions, ensuring your products arrive shelf-ready.

Minimize the cost of large-scale tagging.
Protect brand integrity with
carefully designed labels
Products arrive at store
shelf ready
Applicable on products across almost all sectors

Improving profitability for retailers is what we do

Our Source Tagging Experts roll up their sleeves and work side by side with customers. Whether in-store with retailers or determining the best labels and placement with CPGs, we understand the depth of retail challenges. Our applications specialists are here to drive optimal results in-store, while maintaining brand and product aesthetics.

Why partner with Checkpoint

Minimize the costs. Maximize the return.

Our global EAS source tagging team can facilitate your labelling needs at the point of manufacture. We have the infrastructure to source tag at volume, meaning your products arrive ready to be put on the shelves, reducing the time they spend in the store room.

Reduce shrink. Increase sales.

Checkpoint’s Source Tagging Program has proven shrink reduction, making a positive impact on a retailer’s financial performance and increasing the amount of inventory available in-store or to fulfil omnichannel requests.

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