SFERO™ - Modular RFID EAS System

Create, Connect & Protect

SFERO is our fully customizable modular RFID loss prevention system with high detection performance to minimize losses and protect stores in ways never possible. Until now.

Tailor your SFERO RFID EAS solution across individual stores and for each retail environment as your business and your stores grow and change.

Detection you can count on

Our next generation of RFID loss prevention systems combine intelligent pedestals and overhead antennas to create a sphere of protection around your stores that can be increased or decreased at any time representing a seismic shift in leveraging RFID as EAS technology.

With a possible detection capability of greater than 95% accuracy, SFERO covers 10m across your store entrance and 3.5m overhead without disruption.

This increased detection range that comes with RFID is one of the major benefits that enables both SFERO’s pioneering RFID as EAS technology, as well as inventory control. Our comprehensive range of inlays, labels and hard tags offers retailers flexibility over how they choose to implement RFID across their product range.

Flexible design. Exact detection.

Combining high detection accuracy with a seamless and discrete design, SFERO's modular solution can be tailored to individual stores depending on your needs.

The RFID EAS security system features next-generation security antenna design and overhead sensors, which can be ceiling mounted, pedestal only or in other configurations to provide a more visual deterrent.

RFID offers much more than loss prevention on its own. Many fashion and apparel retailers are already seeing the many benefits of RFID when it comes to inventory control. Having fast, accurate detection of items within your store, and throughout your supply chain, makes understanding your stock levels and locations immediately simpler.

For those retailers already embarking on inventory control initiatives with RFID, SFERO offers further opportunities to enhance your investment.

Protect your stores and reduce shrink

Protecting your stores and your products without compromising on customer experience is a challenge for any retailer. For fashion and apparel stores, customers need to be welcomed in with clean, open entrances and then be able to get up close and personal to the products to touch and feel the quality to delight their tactile senses.

Getting your displays right at the entrance and throughout your stores is vital to ensuring sales success. Customers cannot purchase what they cannot see. Display compliance is one of the many benefits that RFID can bring to retailers, adding a level of return to your investment in RFID.

The RFID EAS security benefits delivered by SFERO, combined with inventory management which many retailers are already taking advantage of, delivers next generation detection whilst enhancing the return on your investment.


RFID loss
prevention system

Covers up to 10m entrance
widths and 3.5m heights

Capable of greater than
95% detection rate

Modular design to suit any store requirements

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