RFreshID™ - Food Waste Solution

Food waste is an issue that affects us all. Supermarkets are under mounting pressure to reduce food waste levels. RFreshID is the best solution for retailers to waste less and sell more. Ready to commit to change?

2.5 billion tons of food produced worldwide is lost or wasted each year!

Global food waste is a cross-cutting issue that starts during agricultural production and continues all of the way to the shop.

In addition, global food waste has an enormous environmental impact. On one hand, it is a huge source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; on the other hand, a wasted natural resources.

How can retailers make an impact and reduce food waste?

RFreshID, the food waste solution

Big problems require bold solutions. Checkpoint Systems wants to help retailers reduce food waste with its new solution: RFreshID.

RFreshID is a one-stop RFID solution for retailers who want to improve their fresh food inventory accuracy, reducing food waste and labor costs, whilst enhancing in-store customer experience.

Benefits of RFreshID

Get full traceability of your products from source to shop.

Improve your inventory accuracy at Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) level both in the backroom and on the sales floor.

Labour costs can be reduced up to 78% thanks to automatic cycle counts.

Control food waste.

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Waste less and sell more thanks to data

Every day retailers generate a big amount of statistics and information, therefore it is necessary to have effective tools for their management and processing. RFreshID delivers real-time actionable data in order to waste less and sell more:

- Real-Time Stock
- Required Replenishments
- Expired products that are about to expire
- Control on articles considered waste
- Orders to make to Distribution Centre
- Articles received or encoded

Time to start your food waste revolution

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