Embedded RFID Labels

Embedded RFID solutions

Representing the future of RFID for the forward thinking retailer, embedded RFID solutions allow greater flexibility and branding options for your RFID labels, and opening the door to a whole host of other benefits.

What is embedded RFID?

When we're talking about embedded RFID, it may sound like we're making things more complicated, but all we really mean is putting RFID intelligence inside your existing labels.

Sounds simple right? When dealing with the experts, it is!

Embedded RFID can come in simple forms such as placed in between the board layers of a hang tag or pricing label, through to included in woven and brand labels.

Why embedded RFID?

When brands choose to implement embedded RFID tags, a whole new range of possibilities becomg open to them, above and beyond increased inventory intelligence and stock control.

With the RFID label no longer being limited to just stickers and hang tags, brands can begin to realize the benefits of RFID as EAS, self-checkout and frictionless shopping, magic mirrors and many other benefits.

Examples of embedded RFID tags

Our decades of experience mean we can offer multiple ways of embedding RFID into your garments. Our options below are just waiting to be customized and adapted to your brand.

If you want to learn more about the options available to you and how your brand can begin to use embedded RFID solutions, get in touch with the team today.

Pocket Tag

Jacron Patch

Woven Brand Label

Hang Tag

Care Label

Over Rider

Intelligence at the core

Our highly experienced team can help you create and manufacture the perfect intelligent RFID label for your needs, however you need it for your product.

All of our RFID inlays are designed and manufactured in-house by our team of experts, with decades of experience.

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