Global Ordering Platform

Our bespoke online platform, CheckNet, allows our customers to place and track orders of their labels across our global production network.

Over 68 million labels processed through CheckNet each week

The data of 14 million RFID labels managed in CheckNet weekly

More than 100,000 vendors and 1,200 brands enrolled in CheckNet

Dynamic preview

Once all the data has been entered, the customer can use the dynamic preview to see a layout of their label, including care content labels.

This helps to speed up the artwork approval process as obvious errors can be amended before the order is confirmed.

Local support

Working with a global supplier means being able to rely on global support.

On top of our global production sites, located close to needle point in major production locations, our online ordering platform, CheckNet, is also available in 12 languages.

This allows garment manufacturers to access the system in their local language, making it exceptionally user friendly and easy to onboard.

Always in the know

Knowing the status of each order and shipment is vital for keeping the supply chain moving and on track.

In CheckNet, you have access to automated order and shipment notifications as well as a whole host of reports at your fingertips so you’re never in the dark.