ACTIVE Store Engagement

Connected Customer Intelligence

The heart of any retail business is understanding your customers and improving your service levels.

ACTIVE Store Engagement combines highly-accurate customer sensors with near-real-time data connectivity and insights.


Providing the answers to your questions

Reliable actionable data is critical for any business looking to understand the opportunities they have with their customers. With ACTIVE Store Engagement you can confidently answer fundamental questions such as:

"How many customers did we have today and how does that compare to last week?"

"What was our customer conversion rate and how does that compare to my other stores?"

"Did my special event attract more footfall and how many of those bought something?"

In store people-counting sensors are installed by our team of experts which then provide you with highly accurate data (up to 98%) in a format to suit, you can now manage real-time shop floor staffing requirements as well as control the number of shoppers in your store in line with any potential local requirements.

Increased intelligent security

The ACTIVE Store Engagement package also contains all of the features in the ACTIVE Loss Prevention package, meaning you also benefit from the enhanced loss prevention and increased analytics from your EAS systems.

Conversion rates analysis and evaluation.

Corrective actions for the optimization of profitability, correct management of store hours.

Increased staff and sales area management.

Analysis of the impact of communication campaigns, flyers, store layouts.

Proactively protecting your investment

All of the hardware and systems within your ACTIVE Loss Prevention and ACTIVE Store Engagement solution are all covered by our Proactive Remote Maintenance. This ensures that your devices are running at optimum performance levels and sensor accuracy and correct operation is monitored at all times.

Our global Customer Service and Field Service teams are on hand to help deal with any issue that may potentially occur, and through our connected devices and intelligent platform, alert you before they become an issue.

ACTIVE Store Engagement provides you with the near-real time data you need to make business decisions that have genuine impact on your in-store sales. Get in touch today to learn more

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