Keeping track of inventory, managing assets, and enhancing overall security are all essential aspects of any thriving business. In an era defined by never-ending technological advancements, the role of radio-frequency identification (RFID) is making its mark across a spectrum of industries, from manufacturing and logistics through to fashion, food, and beverage (F&B) and perfumery. But let’s start at the beginning...

Here are some examples of use cases of RFID in different verticals:

Source: Global RFID Market Research Report, October 2021,

Understanding RFID

Despite being coined in 1983, RFID has consistently evolved over time and remains a cutting-edge, modern-day technology that allows businesses to automate data collection and asset tracking by using radio waves to identify and manage items. RFID technology consists of three primary components; RFID tags, hardware (such as antennas), and software. Everything there is to know about RFID and its key components can be found here.

We have pioneered the use of RFID in retail for many years, and now, we are ushering other sectors into a new era of efficiency, security, and innovation. So, how are some of these markets leveraging the capabilities of RFID technology?

RFID technology for the logistical daydream

When it comes to logistics and the supply chain, precision and innovation are paramount: data entry errors and anomalies can have significant and far-reaching impacts on business operations, most of which are completely avoidable. According to the Global RFID Market Research Report from Market US, the two global markets are anticipated to achieve a revenue of USD 585 billion and USD 31 billion by 2026, respectively, and a core challenge is ensuring products are delivered to a desired location within a certain period of time. As such, companies are increasingly incorporating RFID technology into containers and freight systems to obtain real-time visibility of cargo and help better manage tracking shipments, warehouse inventory, and streamline the routes.

Advanced hardware and inlays are particularly essential for ensuring optimal performance in diverse business applications such as inventory management and quality control. Of course, a key aspect of RFID success lies in choosing the right inlay for your specific needs. Enter our Tyfung inlay, for example, which was specifically designed to offer the logistics industry a strong RFID label design with outstanding performance; it combines high read range and low sensitivity, making it ideal for use in the industrial sector.

Other RFID solutions can transform the process of tracing and managing products throughout the supply chain from source to shop. Our RFID Box Tunnels are meticulously crafted to seamlessly read cartons or totes containing RFID-tagged merchandise, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted flow in production lines without compromising conveyer speed. With the capability to read up to 540,000 items per hour and outstanding 99.89% average tag read accuracy, our solutions prove technology can be an enabler, not a hindrance, in achieving key supply chain goals.

RFID source tagging for manufacturing precision

The fast-paced, detail-oriented nature of manufacturing requires innovation and reliability. Here, RFID source tagging becomes a crucial aspect of the manufacturing process, allowing businesses to rest assured that every item is not only identified and protected, but also comprehensively tracked from its origin.

We are a leading supplier to the manufacturing sector, understanding the nuances of diverse environments and processes, and strive to stand out by approaching each client as a unique project. This tailored, holistic approach ensures that RFID source tagging becomes an effortlessly integrated solution and minimises disruptions to businesses’ existing workflows.

Our RFID source tagging solutions go beyond traditional methods, providing a strategic advantage where control and accuracy are non-negotiables. Tags can be applied to products for the purposes of real-time production data monitoring and can offer end-to-end traceability from manufacturing to point of sale. Our BottleID™ solution, for example, seamlessly integrates into the manufacturing process, empowering manufacturers – of any product individually bottled – to meticulously oversee, optimise, and enhance operations like never before.

RFID technologies meet the runway

In the demanding world of fashion, maintaining accurate inventory and preventing shrinkage are constant challenges. Luxury fashion brands, in particular, grapple with several higher-risk challenges; from maintaining the exclusivity and allure of their designs to combating counterfeiting and shrink. Heightened security against ’fake’ products and enhanced transparency throughout the supply chain is vital in ensuring high-end brands’ integrity and reputation remain intact.

Our RFID tags and inlays are specifically and delicately designed for apparel retailers with specialized and niche needs. Integrating these products allows couture brands and retailers alike to effortlessly and subtly monitor product movement, identify theft or loss, and address inventory discrepancies and backstock quickly and accurately, delivering labor savings of up to 16 times compared to a manual process.

Importantly, the discreet tags and inlays can be tailored to suit any item, ensuring branding and visual merchandising is not compromised. Beyond their basic functions, tags and labels come with other benefits – they are also considered to be an expression of a brand’s identity and positioning, as well as a means to secure and protect products against avoidable shrink.

Scents of RFID innovation

In the elegant world of perfumery, precision and authenticity are key. Particularly when it comes to fragrance, one’s eau de parfum is personal and the industry thrives on the intimate connection it forms with individuals. Unfortunately, the rise of counterfeit products is posing a significant threat to the sector not only compromising brand integrity but also consumer trust. In an ever-commercial society, manufacturers need real-time visibility into their stock and supply chain to prevent counterfeiting and to guarantee the integrity of each scent.

In a success story that exemplifies the power of RFID technology, cosmetics supplier, Mixer & Pack, seamlessly incorporated our technology directly into its manufacturing line, applying a tag to each bottle in its factory, protecting its entire stock line, and ensuring each bottle is registered and coded.

Uncorking RFID in wine, champagne, and spirits

The collective wine, champagne, and spirits industry is one steeped in tradition and refined taste, with a global market size of $1.5 trillion. As such, the authenticity of a fine wine or premium spirit has always been paramount. Spirit and premium wine manufacturers can unlock the full potential of their operations and gain an edge in their respective industries with our intelligent labels and hardware. Again, the BottleID™ solution, specifically designed for the identification and tracking of individual bottles, can not only ensure stock protection but allow producers to track every stage of the production process from the vineyard or distillery straight into the consumer's hands.

Smarter aisles with RFID

When it comes to the food and beverage industry, there are two main challenges; inventory management and quality tracking. Lack of location visibility, tracking difficulties and errors, and operational inefficiencies can result in avoidable inventory loss and have wide-reaching implications on the wider supply chain from farm to store. Our RFreshID™ solution improves fresh food inventory accuracy, reduces waste and shrink, and enhances the in-store customer experience.

Across many diverse sectors, from retail and consumer branded goods through to manufacturing and the supply chain, RFID is an avant-garde tool, transforming the way businesses operate and stock is protected. The applications are vast, and the benefits are clear—empowering companies to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape and providing consumers with enhanced experiences, guaranteed to safeguard businesses’ bottom lines.

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