Tyfung Inlay

The strongest logistic inlay with outstanding performance

Developed to offer the logistics industry a strong RFID label design with outstanding performance, the Tyfung inlay combines a high read range and low sensitivity, making it ideal for use in the industrial sector and through the supply chain, as well as traditional retail applications such as inventory control and RFID as EAS.

Performance meets strength

Capable of storing large amounts of information with its 128 bit EPC memory bank and extra 512 bit user memory bank, the inlay is capable of both complex and extensive encoding, making it one of the most versatile inlays in our portfolio.


Benefits of our Tyfung RFID inlay

Large memory capacity for complex and extensive encoding

High read range of 18-20 meters and low sensitivity is ideal for industrial circumstances

A durable inlay with strong & reliable performance ideal for logistical use

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