We want to announce our membership with the global sustainability organization, RAIN Alliance. The RAIN Alliance is a collective of like-minded companies that have come together to create a smarter and more sustainable world for the billions of people on the planet using RAIN RFID technology to interconnect trillions of objects simply and inexpensively. The key aims of the RAIN Alliance are to drive awareness and market adoption of RAIN technology, while supporting the development of the RAIN brand.

We are committed to conserving the planet’s precious natural resources and safeguarding the environment for future generations. Joining the RAIN Alliance will allow us to further pursue its sustainability goals and benefit from the collective experience and interests of thousands of professionals, market-leading RAIN RFID users and technology providers within its member community.

Al Green, Vice President, Development and Technology, Checkpoint Systems, said:

“Becoming a member of the RAIN Alliance is another step forward for Checkpoint Systems. We understand the crucial role that businesses need to play in protecting the environment and accept our own responsibility for upholding sustainable practices within the RFID ecosystem. Moving forward, RAIN membership will allow our employees to access and engage with a global network of RAIN RFID users and some of the most respected experts in the sector. Ensuring a sustainable future for our planet means a strong, collective effort. Membership will allow our staff to further understand the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and how we can play a role in the movement."

Aileen Ryan, President and CEO, Rain Alliance, added:

“We are thrilled that Checkpoint Systems has chosen to join our ranks. As a hugely influential organization in the RFID space, we welcome the knowledge and capabilities that come with it. After all, when it comes to the advancement and adoption of RAIN RFID, we are stronger as a collective. Checkpoint Systems has vast experience working with RFID technology and our member community will benefit hugely from this influx of new insights, expertise and creative thinking.”

For more information on the RAIN Alliance, visit here.