Checkpoint Systems, a global leader in Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and radio frequency identification (RFID and RF) technology solutions, will showcase its cutting-edge technological solutions at EuroShop 2023, the world’s number one trade fair, from 26th February – 2nd March in Dusseldorf.

At Booth 23, in Hall 6, attendees will be able to experience Checkpoint’s versatile array of EAS and RFID solutions, built on 50 years of RFID technology expertise, that are helping retailers enhance the customer experience and protect their bottom line. Through our immersive stand design looking to mimic real-life environments, Checkpoint Systems will highlight the performance of its latest innovations,  SFERO™, RFreshID, BottleID and ItemOptix.



SFERO™ is the recently launched, fully customisable, modular RFID as EAS solution for the apparel market. The technology enables store operators to combine intelligent pedestals and overhead antennas to create a sphere of protection that can be adapted to the requirements and preferences of each store. Crucially, this enables retailers to move away from out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all systems, and tailor technology to adapt to the level of protection required at store level.

Furthermore, SFERO™’s, revolutionary customizable feature is bolstered by an extremely powerful detection capability, in many cases greater than 95%, enabling retailers to protect products, significantly reduce shrinkage and maximise revenues. Designed partly in response to demand for open entrances with invisible antennas, SFERO™ preserves a clean point of entry up to 10m wide and 3.5m overhead, incurring minimal visual impact. The antennas can also hang from the wall to serve as a visual deterrent, meeting the demands of any retailer.



RFreshID™ is Checkpoint System’s latest solution to give real-time inventory visibilty of fresh food and expiration date management at SKU level, ensuring freshness of products and reducing food waste. With more than 89 million tonnes of food thrown away every year in Europe, supermarkets are under mounting pressure to reduce food waste. Through RFreshID, retailers no longer have to rely on time-intensive visual inspections to detect the sell-by dates on perishable products, instead, managing, and rotating stock efficiently through the latest cutting-edge RFID technology, giving retailers full traceability from source to shop.

In addition, RFreshID enables retailers to precisely plan when replenishments are required, receive RFID tagged products from source, and deliver real-time actionable data on inventory visibility, accurately identifying produce with near or exceeded sell-by-dates. It has been estimated to minimise the time required to manually check merchandise by up to 78%.



Whereas RFreshID combats one scourge of the retail indsutry, food waste, BottleID targets another, the grey beverage market. Thanks to this latest RFID technological innovation, brands and retailers can effectively manage supply chains at item level, affording them full traceability of individual products from the moment they’re bottled through to purchase.

Attendees to the stand will be able to visualise how BottleID is helping bottle owners to provide a unique digital identity to each bottle in a seamless process, obtain full visibility at production level, and make sure their products are in authorised markets.



Checkpoint Systems is also excited to display its new next-generation inventory management SaaS platform, ItemOptix™ for Retail, reimagined for improved retail store use that’s easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to adapt.

Centred around an intuitive ItemOptix™ Mobile App, staff can easily count, restock, and search for items. Furthermore, by being an SaaS-based product, ItemOptix™ does not require additional IT infrastructure to be added to a retailer’s estate, instead seamlessly integrating into in-house reporting suites, thereby improving the efficiency of operations. Using RFID software is proven to give a 4% sales uplift, 99% inventory accuracy, 90% out-of-stocks reduction and a 75% reduction in audit costs  because with item-level inventory accuracy, every single unit in the supply chain can contribute to the bottom line.


Don't worry, we've got plenty more to show!

In addition, to displaying its innovative retail technology solutions, Checkpoint will participate in three speaking sessions alongside Ukrainian grocery retail giant Silpo, leading European fashion retailer C&A, and Polish family-owned retailer LPP, demonstrating its strong relationships with its customers and experience across both the grocery and apparel industries.

With further displays on stand of its market-leading RF EAS solutions, including the brand-new NS45 and Checkpoint's comprehensive RF label portfolio as well as displays from the Alpha and Apparel Labeling divisions, there is plenty to discover at Euroshop.


If you'd like to arrange a visit to the stand, or would like to talk to an expert about one of our solutions mentioned here, please get in touch.