Wine is appreciated by consumers all around the world. In 2020, the global market was valued at USD 339.53 billion and is projected to reach USD 456.76 billion by 2028. As such, its correct handling, distribution, and presentation at the point of sale are crucial for market success.

The use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags in wine labeling can offer many significant advantages in terms of logistics and product information at an individual level.

Traditionally, RFID technology was not a suitable solution for the beverage market. The effect of liquids on RFID activity made it difficult to integrate into a production line. However, new RFID wine bottle labels offer high-level performance against liquids, meaning that wine, beer, spirits, and perfume brands can benefit from the advantages of RFID, like never before.

How can RFID wine bottle labels help you?

  • Digital identity: Assign each bottle a unique digital identity through a quick and seamless process.
  • Production visibility: Registers a unique digital identifier for complete visibility into your production at the individual product level.
  • Control of the distribution channel: Ensures products are found in authorized markets.

Our BottleID™ Solution for Labeling Wines

BottleID is based on RFID technology and allows businesses dealing with liquid products to gain greater visibility and traceability over their stock. The tool assigns individual bottles a unique identifier, enabling organizations to track each product from manufacturing to sale.

The solution’s key benefits include:

  • Improved quality tracking by associating production information at the individual bottle level.
  • Proof of a product’s provenance by assigning unique identifiers associated with D.O. serial numbers.
  • Easy-to-identify bottles sold in unauthorized markets.
  • A provided digital identity to tax band labels, enabling full-visibility during production.

Thanks to Checkpoint's latest RFID technology, branding, and full traceability are protected at the individual product level from bottling to sale.

Find out more about our BottleID™ solution for bottle digitization here.