Are you fast enough to meet the needs of today’s consumers? Their expectations are lightyears ahead of what traditional supply chains can deliver and brands are feeling the pressure. But all’s not lost!

Print precision on-demand is quickly becoming the go-to solution for better supply chain resilience and — once you know the ins and outs — it’s super easy to see why. Our experts reveal how brands are using SPRINT print precision on-demand to go from approval to production in seconds rather than hours. Keep reading to find out how…

You snooze, you lose: the race for supply chain resilience

Commerce is accelerating beyond the capabilities of the average retail brand's supply chain and manufacturing process. Two-thirds of customers say speed is just as important as price, and many want flexible ordering and delivery options, too.

With the desire for instant gratification looming heavy, retailers can't afford to be delayed by a lumbering supply chain. Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) say supply chain resilience is their most critical business objective, and many businesses are turning to small-batch production as a solution. This expectation is defining the future of retail, and it's happening now. It's not the kind of change you can amble towards — ya gotta SPRINT.

Introducing SPRINT: print precision on-demand

Think you know in-plant printing solutions? Think again, friend! SPRINT gives you the tools and support needed to print intelligent RFID labels at the point of manufacturing. And it's fast—like, super-fast. Compared to other solutions on the market, SPRINT reduces the 'approval to production' waiting time from hours to seconds.

How SPRINT works

The journey starts with our Checkpoint engineers, who deliver extensively tested RFID printers and scanners to your locations before masterfully installing them for you. They'll also train your staff on quality control and the correct procedures for use, including scanning barcodes and RFID inlays during printing.

Once everything's up and running, you'll be able to print RFID-embedded and encoded stickers, care labels, and pocket tags on your factory floor! We'll also manage all your ink and material consumables directly, too. No delays, no middlemen, no nonsense.

The nuts and bolts of the service are awesome, but the real gem is hidden behind the scenes. SPRINT is backed by Checkpoint’s cloud-based platform CheckNet. This industry-leading, bespoke online platform comes with centrally controlled data and label designs so you can hit the ground running ASAP.

Does this all sound too good to be true? It’s not — we’ve successfully put SPRINT through live factory testing with real brands to check that everything works as intended. The brands were ecstatic with the results, so we gave SPRINT the green light with full confidence. And the benefits speak for themselves…

Get to know SPRINT™


Great things happen when you SPRINT

1)   Time saver

‘SPRINT’ isn’t just a clever name! The setup means you can print small or bulk batches all on the same day, so you can go to market faster. You also won’t get caught up waiting for additional labels or last-minute data changes — you’re equipped to handle it yourself, here and now.

2)   Kind to your budget

Making the switch to print precision on-demand is a real money-saver. You'll avoid pricey minimum print quantities, shipment costs, and emergency airfreights. Lower inventory also means no unused labels or old stock at the end of each season.

3)   Restore your sanity

Thanks to the strict quality control measures in place, SPRINT labels are store-ready and super high quality. Checkpoint engineers are ready to lend a hand whenever you need it. And all those worries about supply chain resilience? They're dead and gone. You've got the power to adapt quickly. Sorted!

4)   Good for your green targets

Switching to SPRINT can offer more sustainability benefits than traditional service bureau label printing. For starters, SPRINT uses thermal printing, which is much more sustainable than rotary or screen printing.


Because you’re only printing what you need, SPRINT could slash the materials and energy you use, which also helps reduce the wastage you send to landfills at the end of each season. It’s also super flexible, so your factories can order consumables monthly or quarterly to help save emissions.


The challenges facing modern retailers are here to stay, so why not tackle them in one go (and then some!) with SPRINT’s print precision on-demand? Contact our team and quiz them on their newest invention — they’re ready and waiting to answer any questions you might have. Catching up to your customers’ expectations has never been so easy!