Reaping the benefits of display compliance isn’t easy. The situation is far more complex than following a planogram and watching the sales roll in. Although retail displays are created with strategy and customer delight in mind, the truth is that 58% of the time, stores don't have the resources to follow them properly. And that’s a big yikes.

Here at Checkpoint, we’re all about solutions. So, we took the issue of display compliance, broke it down, and found an answer to each thorny little problem. We reveal why brick-and-mortar retailers struggle with display compliance and how to smash each roadblock with existing retail technology.


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Compliant retail displays: great on paper, tough in practice

The vision

Display compliance has incredible benefits when it’s actioned properly. In an ideal world, your staff would have the time and resources to replenish stock and tidy displays regularly. Customers are engaged and enthralled by their shopping experience, the stock is easy to shop, and it flies off the shelves. And the more you’re replenishing stock, the more you sell!

Compliant retail displays are so powerful that you could boost annual revenue by $3bn by improving your retail display compliance by a meager (and very achievable) 1%. But only in an ideal world…

The reality

Anyone who’s worked retail on the shop floor can tell you how unrealistic display compliance is in practice. Very few retailers can afford the staffing resources needed to facilitate excellent customer service, with regular replenishment, display tidying, and accurate stock counts.

Worse yet, brick-and-mortar retailers are held back by outdated systems like emailed planograms and manual stock counts. They simply aren’t a match for the resources at hand or the speed needed to compete in today’s retail environment. It’s like bringing a banana to a sword fight.

There’s also the troublesome issue of shrinkage. The more visible and accessible your stock is, the more opportunities for theft you create. And sure, you can hard tag everything on your shop floor, but it’ll be a huge drag on expensive staff resources. Not ideal, we think you’ll agree.

Having been up close and personal with the issues behind compliant retail displays for a long (long!) while, we believe vertically integrated RFID solutions can unlock the power of beautiful displays.


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4 ways RFID can unlock the power of visual merchandising

1.   More stock displayed = more stock sold

You can't sell what you can't find, so total stock transparency is the first step toward better display compliance. Work with our clients has shown that, by adding RFID intelligent labels to garments, phantom out-of-stocks are reduced to almost zero. They also reduce the time taken to restock a display sample by 90%.

RFID intelligent labels use radio frequency identification to communicate, track, and store information at an item level. Here at Checkpoint, we can encode and supply your RFID labels close to needlepoint, so they’re ready to display right off the delivery truck.

You’re not tied to a specific RFID label type, either. Pop them onto garment hang tags or discreetly embed them in pocket tags or care labels. Stock inventory time is 43 times faster, and you'll get more accurate counts. And all because of one simple, scannable RFID label!

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2.   Crack your omnichannel retail strategy

In today’s retail environment, omnichannel is where it’s at. Ever since the pandemic, customers have been moving seamlessly between websites, apps, and in-store shopping. According to a report by Deloitte, 96% of customers expect a seamless experience across channels — retailers who can’t keep up, lose out.

Unfortunately, a leading global retailer has reported to our teams that a minimum of 90% stock accuracy is needed to support omnichannel. Same goes for click-and-collect and BOPIS (buy online pickup in store) services! You can’t do any of it without proper inventory management…

ItemOptix™ for Retail is our cloud-based inventory software that can be adapted to work alongside almost any other retail tech (we’ve made it ‘open’ because we’re all about ease). ItemOptix gives you item-level global traceability for all RFID-tagged garments across stores, warehouses, online, and distribution centers.

Work with our clients has shown a reduction of up to 90% in out-of-stocks and up to 99% inventory accuracy, so it’s unbelievably easy to facilitate the omnichannel experiences customers want. You won’t be left scrambling around in the stock room, searching high and low for the last pair of black size ten jeans, only to come up short and disappoint the customer.

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3.   Meet customer expectations with more personalized service

According to a survey by PwC, 21% of shoppers want to be able to use an app to book in-store retail appointments. They also expect a personalized shopping experience — especially now algorithms have become so good at predicting exactly what people like. But there is a way you can compete, and it’s easier than you think.

Combining intelligent RFID labeling with cloud-based inventory management allows each brick-and-mortar branch to get their mitts on real-time data insights. They can easily see which items, sizes, and combinations are best sellers and create planograms customized to their local clientele.

As a tasty added bonus, staff spend less time on time-consuming stock counts and replenishment duties, so customers get the attentive service they’re looking for.


4.   Fewer thefts (but no intrusive loss prevention tech)

A black cloud hangs over beautiful retail displays, and its name is 'shrinkage'. Each gorgeous, well-stocked, innovative display creates an opportunity for sticky-fingered visitors.

You could try traditional loss prevention methods, but let’s be real — large security gates can break up the flow of footfall into stores, and hard tags can potentially cramp your display style. Not to mention the time it takes to hard tag every item on a delivery truck — that’s at least a whole morning of staff time gone. Luckily for you, there’s another way.

Our SFERO loss prevention system is the first of its kind — modular, customizable, and more flexible than a yoga teacher. You can use ceiling-mounted antennas to cover large spaces, and the pedestals can cover large doorways while deterring potential thieves. As an added bonus, SFERO gives your RFID labels and inlays EAS capabilities, so they work twice as hard for you.

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Beautiful displays are incredibly powerful, but only when you equip in-store teams to make the most of them. So, let us help you! Using our Checkpoint Process, we’ll adapt retail technology to suit you, training your staff and ironing out the kinks along the way. Whatever you want to do, however you want to do it, we’re down!

To learn more about unlocking the power of beautiful displays, download our free report here or get in touch with our teams. Together, we’ll equip your retail locations for success.