Checkpoint Systems, a global leader in radio frequency identification (RFID and RF) technology and Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) solutions, enjoyed a hugely successful EuroShop event last week, welcoming thousands of professionals, including representatives from some of the world’s largest supermarkets, apparel brands, and store chains to its stand over the five days.

There was a clear interest in how Checkpoint’s latest technologies enable retailers to drive sales, reduce waste and protect at-risk merchandise. With more than 80,000 trade visitors joining the event from around the world, the company demonstrated the benefits of its latest innovations SFERO™, RFreshID®, BottleID™, ItemOptix™, NS45, as well as ShrinkShelf – a new innovation to combat extreme shoplifting, where gangs swipe products off shelves into large bags – among others.


A flexible approach to RFID

Of particular interest was Checkpoint’s new SFERO™ RFID EAS solution, with the company showcasing how aisle widths of up to 10m can be achieved through a combination of overhead and pedestal antennas.

The technology has been developed to enable store operators to move away from out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all RFID systems, and tailor the technology to individual store requirements. SFERO™ also provides extremely powerful detection capabilities, in many cases greater than 95%, enabling retailers to protect products, significantly reduce shrinkage and maximize revenues. At the same time, with RFIDCompass™, Checkpoint delivers the next step on RFID performance at store, determining the position of the products in the store.


Countering the extreme shoplifters

A first for Europe, Checkpoint introduced ShrinkShelf at EuroShop. Designed by Checkpoint’s Alpha High Theft division to counter dishonest shoppers that are swiping large volumes of products off the shelves straight into bags, ShrinkShelf enables store associates to simply load the products onto the shelf-mounted solution, through an easy-to-open drawer mechanism.

Retailers, particularly those stocking high-value at-risk items like cosmetics, were enthused and attracted by the way their customers could still engage with the product in an open environment. Together with Alpha Zone – a solution to protect high value products in real time by monitoring their location – Checkpoint showcased its latest innovations for High-Theft merchandise protection.


High Detection, small in size

Checkpoint’s NS45 antenna has been designed to provide high detection with an almost invisible design. Most of the visitors who saw the antenna operating were surprised of its innovative design, being able to seamlessly integrate into stores’ checkouts in different ways, without sacrificing the good performance that Checkpoint’s RF EAS systems deliver.



Tackling fresh food waste

Another hugely popular area of the Checkpoint stand was its demonstration of RFreshID® - a solution that gives real-time inventory visibility of fresh food and expiration date management at SKU level. Through RFreshID, retailers no longer have to rely on time-intensive visual inspections to detect the sell-by dates on perishable products. Instead, they can manage and rotate stock efficiently through the use of cutting-edge RFID technology that enables retailers to precisely plan when replenishments are required.


Beer, wine and spirit fraud detection

Checkpoint also presented its new BottleID™ solution that targets the grey beverage market. Traditionally it has been difficult to RFID-tag liquid products due to interference. The company’s latest range of tags overcomes this, providing excellent detection that grants full traceability of individual products from the moment they’re bottled through to purchase. BottleID™ was extremely popular among brand owners selling beers, wine and spirits as well as those marketing perfumes, who were interested to learn about the superior performance of Checkpoint’s RFID labels inside bottles containing liquids.


Using RFID data in the most intelligent way

For the first time in Europe, Checkpoint also presented its next-generation inventory management SaaS platform, ItemOptix™ for Retail. Centred around an intuitive mobile app, the company demonstrated how staff can easily count, restock, and search for items. Seamlessly integrating into in-house reporting suites, thereby improving the efficiency of operations, the RFID-based software is proven to give a 4% sales uplift, 99% inventory accuracy, 90% out-of-stocks reduction and a 75% decrease in audit costs.


Proving its success

In addition to showcasing its range of technologies, Checkpoint also took part in three sessions on the Retail Technology, Store Design and Connected Retail stages, with retailers LPP, Silpo and C&A respectively. During each presentation, the retailers explained how they have deployed Checkpoint solutions in different ways to improve merchandise availability, reduce out-of-stocks, increases sales and introduce new efficiencies to their businesses.

On day two of the event, C&A showed how deploying RFID across its business has helped reduce OPEX on stock taking and helped drive an uplift in sales, before explaining how it is now looking to utilize the technology to make improvements in other areas. On the Retail Technology Stage, LPP went on to state the impressive results of its RFID deployment – out of stocks have been reduced to 0.5%, sales have increased by 3%, and inventory checks have become 43 times quicker. And finally, Ukrainian retailer, Silpo, showed how it has used Checkpoint’s innovative NEO EAS antennas to create wider aisles and deliver outstanding loss prevention.


Mariano Tudela, VP Sales & Customer Operations, EMEA for Checkpoint Systems, commented:

“It was great to be back at EuroShop meeting many new people and catching up with familiar faces. There are many challenges for retailers at the moment, from inflation and staffing, to product availability and theft. It means that they are looking for solutions that can be truly transformative and deliver multiple benefits.

“Checkpoint is at the heart of the digital transformation of the retail sector and many other verticals, with our new technologies delivering outstanding performance that increase sales through better inventory management, innovative solutions that combat theft in specific areas, and intuitive software that benefits the entire business.”


Thank you to all who attended Euroshop and visited us on the stand - we'll see you next time!