Checkpoint Systems – a global leader in RFID technology solutions – has announced it will launch its next generation of inventory management Software, ItemOptix™ for Retail, at the annual NRF Big Show in New York on 15 January 2023.


Based on market research, Checkpoint® has reimagined its’ RFID Inventory Management Software for retail store use, to make it easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to adapt. Wrapped around its’ core RFID inventory management features and capabilities, Checkpoint has evolved their Software solution, built from 20 years of RFID deployment experience, and is pleased to showcase ItemOptix™ for Retail at this prestigious retail industry event.

ItemOptix™ for Retail is RFID inventory management software to help retailers improve their stock accuracy, handle goods faster, and accelerate stock movement which leads to sales improvements and better consumer experiences across all channels.


The solution will feature the ItemOptix™ Mobile App, with an intuitive user interface that will make it easy for staff to manage an item’s journey through the store. The new Portal interface focuses users on activities that drive sales, customer engagement, and ultimately inventory improvement.

An additional benefit to Checkpoint’s SaaS solution, ItemOptix™ does not require additional IT infrastructure. With the help of industry standard Rest API’s, RFID inventory data can also be seamlessly integrated into in-house reporting suites, allowing for more extensive analysis, while reducing onboarding costs and training requirements, which enables staff to dedicate their time to store operations.

By deploying the Item Optix™ software, retailers can easily integrate RFID data into their existing store operations, to make one unified experience for both the store clerk and the shopper. This will help stores seamlessly manage both store operations and Omni-channel purchases, particularly in retailers that have recently made investments in mobile stores.


Commenting on the launch of ItemOptix™ for Retail, David Ivins, Channel Partner Director said: “We are providing a solution that improves efficiency for retailers across the board. With a highly intuitive app at its core, inventory management has never been easier, and in being a SaaS-based product, RFID inventory data can be seamlessly integrated, bringing a host of new opportunities. Easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to adapt, ItemOptix™ for Retail will help improve the bottom line, efficiency of staff and customer relationships.”


Further information will be released in the coming weeks- stay tuned for more!