Wirama Radar RFID




Delivering unprecedented accuracy

Our unique RFID based solution, Wirama Radar™ delivers both accuracy and context in reporting the location and direction of movement of tagged merchandise in a three-dimensional view.

The Wirama Radar range can come in one of three forms, giving retailers total flexibility in how they set up the scanners; Overhead, Underfloor and Antenna.

Our patented combination of hardware and software technology ensures data integrity, which is crucial to allow retailers with more information about the movement of stock than ever before.

Fewer false alarms with
intelligent detection

More options for
entrance merchandizing

Wider, unobstructed
entrances and exits

Still providing visual alarm
deterrent if needed

Intelligent detection everytime

Wirama Radar is able to determine if an item is being merchandized near the door, moving along the doorway or moving through the door, and only alarms in the case of a potential theft event.

RFID tags can be read at a distance of as much as 20 feet, meaning Wirama Radar can provide you with greater accuracy in knowing where your inventory is in your store at all times.


Our Wirama Radar range is perfect for retailers looking to expand their in-store deployment of RFID by using RFID for EAS. By offering retailers flexibility in where they place the door scanners, the solution is also perfect for those conscious of the presence of antenna by the door.