Where design meets performance

Combining powerful EAS detection with a sleek design perfect for any retail environment, the EVOLVE G35 antenna provides versatile protection.

  • Highly stable detection with low false alarm rates

  • Slim yet strong Plexiglass™ design with LED options

  • Upgradable to RFID detection with Wirama technology

Range of LED options
to suit your store

Optional VisiPlus people counting and
metal detection available

Remote connectivity
and management reporting

Provides discreet
yet secure protection


G35 (HxWxD):

1.517m x 0.27m x 0.109m (59.72” x 10.66’’ x 4.29”)

Base Cover (HxWxD):

0.36m x 0.26m x 0.045m (14.17” x 10.23’’ x 1.77”)

G35 RF: 1.8m (5.10')

Maximum detection distance between 2 antennas

Radio Frequency (RF) 7.9 to 8.5MHz - with option to add RFID

Transparent PlexiGlass body with different base colour options


  • Multiple LED options for alarms or mood lights

  • Upgradable to RFID

  • Remote Service capable

  • Real-time monitoring via Connected Solutions

  • Available with integrated metal detection and VisiPlus people counting

Inconspicuous protection

For retailers that want premium protection without antennas making too much impact at the front of their stores, the EVOLVE G35 offers all that and more.

Built with high-quality Plexiglass acyrillic for an exception finish, the design can be etched with your logo for an extra finishing touch. With LED lighting either for alarm or on permanently for mood lighting, the EVOLVE G35 is perfect for all retail store types

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