EVOLVE™ Systems

P10 / 20







A solution for every situation

Security without compromise

The EVOLVE™ range offers retailers market-leading performance and the ability to customize their set-up with multiple add-ons and optional features.

Designed to be flexible around the dynamic needs of the retail industry, our best-selling EVOLVE antennas offer multiple data management and remote service options. Various upgrades are also available including people counting, ad panels and metal detection to generate maximum return on your investment.

Maximum intelligence

Retailers are needing to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape. With many brands and retailers now beginning to take advantage of RFID technology to improve inventory accuracy and stock availability, it's important to future proof any investment. Many of our EVOLVE antennas are ready to be upgraded to RFID, helping to protect your investment.

RFID connectivity

Remote servicing for
near instant response

Integrated people counting for
monitoring store traffic

Enhanced detection of
up to 2m

Designed to fit around your store

With one of the widest selection of models and designs available, there is always an EVOLVE antenna perfect for your store. Our R&D and design teams have carefully crafted these antennas to offer great performance, but in styles that suit your store.

From our P10, which offers a great visual deterrent at the front of your store, to the more discreet S20, award-winning for its style.