Checkpoint launches first ARC approved M750 inlays with the ‘Njord’

Checkpoint Systems – the world’s only vertically integrated RFID solution provider for retail – has announced the official launch of the first University of Auburn’s ARC lab approved inlay, with the new Impinj M750 chip, the ‘Njord’.

As a proud partner with Impinj, Checkpoint is the first Inlay manufacturer globally to have an M750 inlay tested and certified to some of the most challenging categories at the University of Auburn’s ARC lab.

At (44mm x 26mm), the Njord is the smallest ARC certified inlay in categories F and I. This increased performance enables an 18% reduction in size, delivering value to retailers’ sustainability programs. In addition, the new inlay uses 70% certified post consumer recycled content (PET), combined with a 40% reduction in chip size, marking an important contribution to retailers environmental objectives, whilst maintaining performance.

In fact, the Njord has the highest receive sensitivity (-24 dBm) of any RAIN tag IC, stronger reply signaling and improved AutoTune adaptive RF tuning. This optimizes performance, as well as increasing read range (as much as11%), pushing out the threshold of accuracy making every day operations, such as hand scanning, easier.

Scott Mitchell- Harris VP ALS, Checkpoint Systems commented  “These technological improvements, driven by Checkpoint and Impinj, help to elevate the RFID industry to a new level and assist customers in achieving successful RFID implementations with more consistent, lower footprint and higher performing RFID inlays than ever before.”

The Njord meets the requirement of Spec A, Spec B, Spec C, Spec D, Spec N, Spec Q, Spec M, Spec G, Spec F, Spec I, Spec K, Spec L, and Spec W5.

The Njord is available immediately.



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