RFID Tunnels for Distribution Centres

High speed logistics

Our selection of RFID Box Tunnels are designed to read cartons or totes of RFID tagged merchandise without any impact on production and the conveyer speed.

With our standard RFID Box Tunnel and our RFID Midi Tunnel available, we have options to suit different DC setups.

RFID Box Tunnel

Our standard RFID Box Tunnel can accommodate a 500mm or 800mm wide conveyor, with minimal modifications to the existing manufacturing line.

  • High-speed reading of up to 540,000 items per hour

  • Shielding to eliminate noise and stray RFID reads

  • 99.89% average tag read accuracy during testing

  • Modular construction to fit around existing conveyor belts

Enhanced DC logistics

Checkpoint Distribution Center solutions provide retailers with crucial insight into the accuracy of the quantities and locations of their merchandise from the source to store.

The RFID Box Tunnel provides these capabilities by rapidly reading RFID encoded items within boxes/cartons prepared for distribution, resulting in real-time tracking capabilities through order fulfilment, logistics, distribution operations and throughout each recipient store location when additional RFID components and software are utilized.

RFID Mini Tunnel

Our RFID Mini Tunnel is a cost-effective but highly accurate RFID read tunnel solution for logistics applications that require tagged inventory validation in low-density factory or DC operations.

  • Up to 30 tags per box

  • Can be used on manual conveyers or around automated conveyer systems

  • Read accuracy of up to 99.90%

  • Conveyor speeds of up to 40m per minute

Mini size, mighty detection

Based on Checkpoint’s industry-leading Wirama Radar technology, the Mini Tunnel is capable of high read accuracy on boxed items where the tag location is known and consistent, such as shoes or other lower-density item packing.

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