Variable Data Labels

Consistency through change

Variable data labels give you the ability to gain extra insight and traceability over your products, but also to provide your customers with extra information about each different type, style or size of garment.

Unique to you

Traditional variable data labels usually come in the form of pricing and product information such as size, price and barcode. Our global production facilities can produce these labels quickly, consistently and at scale to provide your customers with the required information in the product formats that you need.

Your data. Your control.

Tags and labels communicate vital product information. Having full control over this data in the fast-paced apparel industry is vital. By providing retailers and vendors with numerous variable data options, and highly-secure access to them via the CheckNet platform, our solutions help retailers and vendors by enabling them to quickly react to last minutes changes before garments shipping.

More intelligence to grow your business

With businesses around the world beginning to understand the power and potential of RFID, variable data labels can also now include RFID technologies to give your brand even more intelligence and traceability than ever before, through the supply chain and retail environment.

Produced as either single labels or reel-to-reel format, our intelligent RFID labels can be supplied encoded with your data, direct to your vendor or distribution center, wherever you need them.

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